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Does the artificial synthetic grass have a warranty?

Yes. All the artificial synthetic grasses carried by Better Than Real Artificial Grass comes with a manufacturer's warranty for a period of 10 years. Color fading and defects in the workmanship are covered for this period of time. _LAB_VER_MAS

Has the artificial synthetic grass turf & sod been tested?

Yes. Testing artificial synthetic grass turf & sod regularly is a standard procedure that is continuosly applied to ensure that the products are manufacured meeting all the standards and specifications required for quality control and safety. _LAB_VER_MAS

What is the artificial synthetic grass made of?

To manufacture the fibers and the tatch in the artificial synthetic grass products, the materials used are either Polyethylene, Polypropylene or Nylon. For the backing, polybac is used as the primary backing and urethane as the secondary coating. _LAB_VER_MAS

Will the artificial synthetic grass color fade over time?

Yes, but it will take many years for that to happen. The artificial synthetic grass fibers will resist the damaging effects of the sun (especially UV rays) and extreme weather (both heat and snow). Fading is expected after 20 years or so. _LAB_VER_MAS

Can artificial grass be installed around a swimming pool?

Yes. Artificial synthetic grass is resistant to certain chemicals such as chlorine against color fading. Also, having artificial synthetic grass helps to keep your swimming pool a lot cleaner and provides a safe environment for your family. _LAB_VER_MAS

Is artificial synthetic grass safe for children?

Yes. Artificial synthetic turf is lead-free, neat, non-flammable, non-toxic, soft and easy to clean after. Artificial grass has been installed in playground areas and public parks for so many years now. It provides a safe environment for kids. _LAB_VER_MAS

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Arnold & Beverly Levin

We had our own artificial synthetic lawn installed about a month ago and we are delighted with the look and feel. Every time I look out from my kitchen window and see the artificial synthetic lawn in my patio, I get a rewarding pleasure by looki ...

Arnold & Beverly Levin

Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in Tiburon, California.
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