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Has the artificial synthetic grass turf & sod been tested?

Artificial synthetic grass turf & sod has undergone many years of research and development, including extensive UV stability to protect against color fading and UV degradation, plus a wear resistance testing for daily use. The artificial synthetic grass turf & sod that we use have been installed on over 800 million sqft in sports fields worldwide in the past 35 years. Testing artificial grass regularly is a standard procedure to ensure it meets all the guidelines established for safety and quality control. And since our artificial synthetic grass is 100% made in the US, the guidelines to be met require manufacturing the highest quality grasses worldwide.

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Is your artificial synthetic grass lead-free?

Yes. All our artificial synthetic grasses are lead-free. They meet or exceed the proper regulations for health, safety & quality control established by the EPA. Our manufacturer tests continuously all the products because it is a standard procedure.

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Adhesive for artificial synthetic grass (1 gal)
This glue is a moisture cure urethane adhesive used for professional field installations of artificial synthetic grass turf & sod. This adhesive doesn't include any solvents, making it one of the safest products of its type in the market.

Adhesive for artificial synthetic grass (1 gal)


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Great price, great artificial grass products, very professional installation crew.  Better Than Real Artificial Grass gave me a much less expensive estimate than the other quotes I got. ...

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