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Is artificial synthetic grass safe for dogs & other pets?

Yes. Synthetic grass is pet friendly, non-toxic, easy to clean after, soft, strong, extremely hard to chew and tear apart. Dog parks with artificial synthetic surfaces are very popular nowadays because they resist continuos extreme wear and tear. _LAB_VER_MAS

How can I clean the artificial lawn if I have dogs or other pets?

Cleaning after your pet is as easy as cleaning any pets waste in a natural grass lawn. Just scoop up any waste and wash off the stains in the affected area. Urine drains away by itself through the perforations, but you can hose it off as well. _LAB_VER_MAS

Is the artificial synthetic grass turf & sod flammable?

No. Artificial synthetic grass is non flammable, therefore, it will not catch fire. Burns will melt the fibers, which can be clipped away easily. If a large area is burned or damaged, a professional can easily replace the affected area. _LAB_VER_MAS

How do I clean my artificial synthetic lawn?

An artificial synthetic lawn can be easily cleaned up by the homeowners. It's all about removing yard debris, garbage and any other organic waste sitting on the artificial surface as often as needed and washing it off only when it is necessary. _LAB_VER_MAS

Can I install artificial synthetic grass in my home by myself?

If you have any previous knowledge or years of experience in the landscape business or installing artificial synthetic grass, you shouldn't have a problem. If not, hire a professional like Better Than Real Artificial Grass for a proper installation. _LAB_VER_MAS

Does artificial synthetic grass get warmer than natural grass?

Yes, artificial grass gets a little warmer than natural grass because the latter has water running through it, which helps it to stay cooler. But don't worry, artificial grass doesn't absorb and radiate heat like pavement, rock or brick surfaces. _LAB_VER_MAS

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Commercial/Residential Artificial Grass

SD-85 with Dead Ends
85 oz per sq/yd, Polyethylene Monofilament with Texturized Polyethylene/Nylon Tatch, 1 3/4" pile height. 2 polybac layers backing of 13-pic and 18-pic as the primary backing & 20 oz urethane as the secondary coating with perforations for drainage.

SD-85 with Dead Ends


We recently had 4000 sq. ft of artificial turf installed, which included a 800 sq ft 5 hole putting green. t Better Than Real Artificial Grass was the preferred contractor based on their favorable pricing and recommendations on YELP. The job require ...

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