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Green colored silica sand

This silica sand has an unique, rounded quartz core. This naturally occurring sand is tough, but not abrasive. Due to their size and uniformity, the grains resist compaction to keep your putting green playable for many years to come. An antimicrobial technology is infused into the infill during the manufacturing process to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration.

You can buy our green colored silica sand with antibacterial protection here.


Green colored silica sand with antibacterial protection

Landscaping services in Knoxville, Tennessee (TN)

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Artificial synthetic grass installation

Better Than Real Artificial Grass provides complete installation service of artificial synthetic grass turf at your home, business and other properties. Backyards, frontyards, sideyards, decks, around the pool, sidewalks... unlimited possibilities.

Artificial synthetic playgrounds installation

Artificial synthetic playgrounds are a safe environment for children of all ages. Artificial synthetic grass turf & sod is clean, color doesn't fade away, durable, easy to clean, low maintenance, non-toxic, safe, soft, unlimited play time, & uv resistant.

Artificial synthetic dog run installation

Artificial synthetic grass turf & sod for dog runs and other pets offers an environment that is easy to clean after, neat, non-toxic, safe, strong for all kinds of pets. Dogs in particular will run freely on this type of surface.

Artificial synthetic putting green installation

Perfect your golf game playing in your own artificial synthetic putting green field at home. Any size, any quantity of holes, any shape. You can even customize the design to your own needs. Play with your family or invite some friends over.

Dog runs in Knoxville, Tennessee (TN)

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Artificial Synthetic Grass for Dog Running Areas

Make your yard the ideal space for your pets at home with artificial grass. It provides a safe environment, easy to clean after your pet, lead-free, non-flammable, non-toxic, resistant to extreme traffic, wear and tear. No more mud or yellow spots!

For dog owners, a dog running area is absolutely necessary for your beloved dog. Artificial synthetic grass offers the perfect solution for your yard or lawn. Whether you share a lawn area with your pet or want to provide your dog or other pets with a beautiful and clean space to play outdoors, a dog run area with an artificial grass surface provides the ideal environment for dogs and other domestic pets in any weather condition or outdoors space.

Artificial synthetic grass for dog running areas have become more and more accepted in places such as commercial locations, dog kennels, dog day care facilities, pet kennels, public parks, residential locations, roof top buildings, veterinary clinics, and many more, especially in the state of California.



Putting greens in Knoxville, Tennessee (TN)

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Artificial Synthetic Putting Greens

Better Than Real Artificial Grass can install an artificial synthetic putting green at your home. Any shape, size or quantity of holes, with contours in the surface to make the game more challenging. Perfect your game at home from your backyard.

Golf as a sport has become popular in the last few years. Artificial synthetic putting greens for home have become popular too. Thanks to that popularity the installation of artificial synthetic putting greens have become more common and affordable for homes, especially in the backyards. For people who play golf, an artificial synthetic putting green is a must, to practice anytime at home and perfect your golf game. For people whom aren't golf players themselves, a backyard putting green is still the perfect way to entertain themselves playing in a minigolf surface with family and friends.

All the artificial synthetic putting greens installed by Better Than Real Artificial Grass are custom designed. We can install a backyard putting green in any shape, any size, any quantity of holes, with fringe finish, with contours in the surface to make the game more challenging. Artificial synthetic putting greens can be installed either indoors or outdoors. These backyard putting greens require very low maintenance, and help save lots of money in regular maintenance service, fertilizers and water bills over the years. We offer artificial synthetic grass products that are clean, lead-free, non-flammable, non-toxic, safe and low maintenance for backyard putting greens and minigolf applications.


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Commercial/Residential Artificial Grass

PP-80 Spring Green
80 oz per sq/yd, 100% Polyethylene Monofilament (both blades and texturized tatch), 1 3/4" pile height, 2 polybac layers backing of 13-pic & 18-pic as the primary backing & 20 oz urethane as the secondary coating with perforations for drainage.

PP-80 Spring Green


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Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in Livermore, California.
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