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Commercial/Residential Artificial Grass

Adhesive for artificial synthetic grass (1 quarter)

This glue is a moisture cure urethane adhesive used for professional field installations of artificial synthetic grass turf & sod. This adhesive doesn't include  any solvents, making it one of the safest products of its type in the market. The set time can be controlled via the application of a water mist. The adhesive holds its shape when applied to the seaming tape, providing outstanding grip in joints with rough surfaces. Environmental conditions don't stop the use of this adhesive, since it doesn't require perfectly dry conditions for high bond strength. The adhesive is cost effective, because it doesn't begin to set until exposed to atmospheric moisture. This reduces waste and errors caused by the quick setting time of other adhesives, which makes the adhesive safe and easily controlled. The adhesive high strength and durability makes it one of the best adhesives in the market, especially for the artificial synthetic grass. Also, no mixing is required to be used.


Low Waste
Cost Effective
High Strength & Durability
Long Life
No Volatile Solvents
No Mixing Required
Environmentally Friendly
Safe Product & Easily Controlled
Reduces Waste and Errors

US $ 25.00 / 1/4 gal

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Bergen James

The yard looks fantastic with artificial synthetic grass installed. The whole process was quick and easy. The installation crew from Better Than Real Artificial Grass w ...

Bergen James

Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in a commercial area in San Francisco, California.
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