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   Installation  Service       Unit Cost  Total                  Installation  Service                   Unit Cost Total
Installation of 1,000 sqft Material & Labor $10.00 $10,000.00 VS Irrigation System for 1,000 sqft area  $1,200.00 $1,200.00 
 Total for Installation $10,000.00 Top Soil & Sod for 1,000 sqft area  $2,500.00  $2,500.00
 Total for Star-Up $3,700.00
Maintenance Service Unit Cost Total  Maintenance Service Frequency Unit Cost  Total 

   Rejuvenation service    2 times per year

$400.00 $2,400.00    Aeration 1 x per year $100.00  $300.00 
   Extra services in 36 months period $2,400.00    Fertilizing 3 x per year  $40.00  $360.00
   Mowing 40 x per year  $45.00  $5,400.00
 Sprinkler Repair varies  $100.00  $300.00
 Water Billing 12 x per year  $45.00  $1,620.00
 Weed Treatment 2 x per year  $80.00  $480.00
Extra services in 36 months period $8,460.00
Total cost involved in 36 months $12,400.00   Total costs involved in 36 months $12,160.00





 Artificial grass is not maintenance-free. It is considered low-maintenance. Of course, it doesn’t need fertilizing, mowing, seeding, trimming, watering, weeding out, and the use of lawn equipment (usually operated by electricity or gas). Still, there are a few things we recommend you to do to make your artificial lawn last longer and enhance its performance.




- Fall leaves & yard debris:
Regularly remove fall leaves and other organic yard debris as you would do in a natural grass lawn. You can sweep the leaves off with a plastic push broom. If you want to rake the leaves off, use a plastic garden rake, do not use a metal garden rake (a metal garden rake could potentially damage the artificial turf blades and void your warranty). If you still have your leaf blower, blow the leaves away, it’s safe and easier to use on artificial turf. Also, handpick any branches, paper wrappers or other small objects lying down on your artificial lawn.


- Odors:
Artificial grass has no smell. But other agents could provide an odor to your artificial lawn, especially if you have pets. You can periodically wash your artificial lawn with a few drops of liquid soap per gallon of water. A cleaning gun would be good for proper washing of your artificial lawn. This cleaning gun can be easily attached to the water hose. Other way to get rid of bad odors is using a sprayer pump.


- Pet use:
Artificial grass is durable and strong, so it will resist domestic pet use. To clean after your pet, do as you would do in a natural grass lawn. Pick up the droppings, the rest (along with urine) can be wash away with a water hose.


- Washing:
For homeowners who live in areas where it rains periodically, rainwater will usually be sufficient to remove dust, dirt and soil particles from the artificial grass. For those homeowners who live in places where it doesn’t rain periodically, the artificial lawn can be hose down periodically, especially if the homeowner has pets. If there are stains that can’t be removed with water alone, use mild detergent to gently wipe the surface until the stain is removed. Solvents or harsh chemicals should never be used to remove stains. Definitively, do not use undiluted bleach either. A few drops of bleach diluted in water should be okay.




- Brushing the blades:
The artificial grass blades can become flattened over time depending on dayli traffic and use. Once in a while as needed (every four months is recommended), use a large plastic push broom to make the blades completely stand up again. Just push the blades against the opposite direction they are lying down. You can also try pushing the blades from different directions. A power broom will make this process relatively easy and fast. Power brooms are available for rental at most rental equipment stores. Better Than Real Artificial Grass provides this service with proper equipment.


- Foot traffic:
Artificial turf is built to resist foot traffic, which will have a minimal impact on the artificial turf. But in higher foot traffic areas (for example, around swimming pools or corners where pedestrians take “shortcuts” and walk on your lawn), just use a plastic push broom on the flattened areas to make the blades stand up again. Do not wear spiked shoes when walking on the artificial grass.


- Lawn furniture & accessories:
Lawn furniture or portable kid swimming pools placed on your artificial lawn for sustainable periods of time will flatten your artificial turf. Once you remove whatever flattened your artificial turf, just use a plastic push broom in the affected areas to make the blades stand up again.


- In-filling surface:
The infill under heavy used sections can become compacted. Also, over time with heavy used, the infill will move slowly down to the base of the artificial grass. Once any of these happens, it is noticeable on your artificial lawn. More infill can be added on top of the artificial grass and a power broom can be used to evenly distribute the infill on the surface and make all the blades completely stand up again. This process will make your artificial lawn look fresh again.




We advise you to hire a professional like Better Than Real Artificial Grass if any of the situations listed below apply to you:

- If you would like to have your artificial synthetic lawn repaired because of received damage (accidental, vandalism, acts of nature, wild animals, etc).
- If you would like to have damaged sections of your artificial synthetic lawn replaced.
- If you would like to have additional artificial synthetic grass installed.
- I you want to change your artificial synthetic lawn appearance.
- If you need a general maintenance service done (recommended once or twice a year). This general maintenance, also known as "Rejuvenation Service", gives your artificial synthetic lawn a fresh, new look and helps to extend artificial synthetic grass life.  Professionals carry their own special and expensive equipment, along with the proper materials.
- Artificial synthetic grass is non-flammable, and if exposed to fire, the blades will melt but they won’t catch on fire. A professional like Better Than Real Artificial Grass can replace melted sections of artificial synthetic grass as well.


    Artificial synthetic grass field repairs & maintenance     Artificial synthetic grass fields soccer repairs and maintenance


    Artificial synthetic grass tuf sod repair and maintenance     Artificial synthetic grass turf soccer sports field repair maintenance


Better Than Real Artificial Grass can repair & replace any damaged area in your artificial synthetic lawn, dog running area, sportfield, putting green and others. We'll install an artificial synthetic grass product with features as close as possible to the existing artificial grass surface, such as face weight & blade height. Just call Better Than Real Artificial Grass for a job site visit and a free estimate.





Better Than Real Artificial Grass synthetic grass turf & sod installation system consists of 3 main components. They are described as follows:



– Better Than Real Artificial Grass synthetic grass turf & sod base system is built using construction aggregate materials such as Class II base rock, crushed rock, decomposed granite or path fines that provides stable support for artificial synthetic grass turf & sod and it will drain without a problem.  The base surface can even be designed with contours or other surface effect, for uphill, downhill or any other type of irregular surface, for either residential or commercial applications, for any type of artificial synthetic grass turf & sod installation.


- In order to construct the base for the artificial synthetic grass turf & sod, ground preparation is required. In this process, dirt, grass and other obstacles are removed from the installation area. We need to clear approx. 3" deep of surface (where it applies). Once the surface is clear, the perimeter of the installation area will be framed using synthetic bender boards, in order to ensure the proper shape of the installation area, keep all the base rock material within the installation area and secure the artificial lawn along the perimeter by stapling it to the bender board frame. This framing will be covered eventually since it is used as an anchoring board and not as a decoration frame.



– The Better Than Real Artificial Grass synthetic grass turf & sod is an exclusive product and is an unique Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf & Sod manufactured from fibers specifically designed to simulate the softness, texture, density, and color of natural grass.  The Better Than Real Artificial Grass synthetic grass turf & sod is manufactured to precise specifications in order to achieve optimum pile height and density to create a surface that is truly realistic and performs just like natural grass.


- All our Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf & sod is manufactured in the USA and hey are available in blends of field green, lime green, olive and tan colors. These combinations of colors simulate more the colors in the natural grasses.


- All our Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf & Sod products are made of Polyethylene, the most durable and resistant material available in the market. The products vary in color, face weight and pile height. All of them have the same double layer urethane backing with drainage perforations.



– Better Than Real Artificial Grass integrates an infill system onto the fibers of the artificial synthetic grass turf & sod to create a natural feel and softness in the surface. Better Than Real Artificial Grass infill provides cushion that reduces fall impact since the in-fill softness provides shock absorption. Also, Better Than Real Artificial Grass in-fill makes the blades completely stand up for a natural look.


 - Better Than Real Artificial Grass infill could be only sand mesh-30 or a combination of sand mesh-30 and green colored crumb rubber. The ratio we applied in the combination is 90% sand and 10% green crumb rubber. The latter is obtained from recycled tires using a cryogenic process (freezing method) where the tires are broken down and the rubber is separated from the metal resulting in a rubber material pure, lead-free, metal-free and without any other contamination agent. Cryogenic process has improved considerately the recycling process as opposed to the grinding process (the grinding process uses long blades to chop off the tires). 


  - Better Than Real Artificial Grass infill contains an antimicrobial protection that works continuously to inhibit the growth of microbes helping the infill stay clean. This protection is added during the manufacturing process to fight the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains and deterioration of the coating over time. Since this protection is built in, it won't wash off or wear away and it will last for the lifetime of the product. Children, dogs and other pets will benefit ven more from this protection since they are more vulnerable to microbes.


 - Better Than Real Artificial Grass in-fill helps reduce temperature to alleviate the problem of surface temperatures getting too warm in hot climates. Better Than Real Artificial Grass infill is also green colored, containing an eco-friendly, non-toxic coating that reduces UV absorption compared to traditional black infill.



Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf & Sod applications include: Apartments - Backyard - Condominiums - Decks - Dogs - Dog Run Areas - Drive Way - Erosion Control - Golf Fields - Football Fields - Front Yard - Home - Hospital - Indoors - Outdoors - Pets - Play Grounds - Party Areas - Putting Greens - Road Side - Shopping Centers - Side Yards - Soccer Fields - Sport Fields - Tennis Courts - Townhouses - Under Trees - Vacation Houses - Wedding Areas - With Step Stones Projects and many more.

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