Most of the synthetic grasses that come from another countries are made with low grade resins. The resins have additives, like the UV stabilizers, that allow the grasses to withstand the traffic, the sunlight, or the heat; when those components and the resins are low quality, you can see problems in the artificial grass in a few years, in some cases as early as 3 years. We can also note the same low quality on the backings. The problems associated with cheap, but low quality imported synthetic grass, are among others: Premature fading; melting point at lower temperature; grass gets hotter; fibers break easily or get loose causing bold spots; and uneven color.


We have to comply or meet stronger quality and safety control rules. The imported grass may be cheaper at front, but most expensive in the long run, due to the earlier due replacement, repairs, and all the  other headaches that will be attached when you buy low quality synthetic grass coming from unregulated countries.

You can be sure that the quality will meet the industry standard in all its components, in all the fibers as well as the backing. Those are the reason  why we’ll keep buying, selling and installing only the superior quality American-made synthetic grasses.


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