Artificial grass for backyards in Santa Clara County, CA

Artificial grass for backyards in Santa Clara County, CA

The backyard does not have to be a warehouse, where the furniture and appliances in disuse will end; rather it should become the pleasant space to enjoy alone, with family or friends.

The possibility of turning the yard into a landscaped environment is easier than you might imagine, if you turn to the industrial alternatives available to you in Santa Clara, California; and it is not necessary to think about areas that need plants and natural grasses, which demand a careful care throughout the year; with the wide range of artificial grass presentations, a patio becomes a refreshing green area, which endures, flawless, for many years.

From a green area, the rest is left to the imagination: chairs, hammocks, sculptures, among others, there are many ideas you can find to turn the backyard into the most welcoming space of your residence.

The key is the use of artificial grass, since it is synthetic,  the grass doesn’t need a laborious and permanent maintenance activity, as required by natural grass, for example:

  • It doesn’t need to be watered during dry seasons to stay green and beautiful.
  • It doesn’t require to be cut or fertilized during the rainy seasons.
  • Drains rainwater quite  faster than natural grass, which avoids water puddles and dirt.
  • It does not admit insect pests or incubate bacteria that can be harmful to human health.
  • It is highly resistant to use.

For these and other reasons, synthetic grass is the ideal product to turn backyards into practical and splendid landscaping, in Santa Clara County, CA and throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Distributors of synthetic grass

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we specialize in the supply and installation of synthetic grass. We are a company with a long history that supplies itself with grass directly from the manufacturer, in order to offer high quality grasses to our customers, at competitive prices, and providing a warranty of 10 years.

You can also have a pleasant space to enjoy alone or in group, installing artificial grass for backyards in Santa Clara County, CA and all regions of the Bay Area.

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