Artificial grass for businesses and commercial buildings, San Jose

Artificial turf is a product increasingly used for the creation of green areas in commercial buildings. The aesthetic improvement significantly increases the value of the properties.

We note that synthetic turf is gaining ground by leaps and bounds around commercial, residential, religious, industrial buildings, etc., and also as a favorable alternative in sports fields, such as soccer, football, tennis and even golf.

But it is a product that can also occupy an important space in the internal embellishment of commercial buildings, through internal gardens, islands or even on roofs.

It provides a subtle elegance when combined with the lighting of the building and has the particularity that synthetic grass is a product that requires minimal maintenance.

Synthetic grass for commercial applications

San Jose, CA has become a model city in the provision of public spaces dedicated to the development of cultural and sports activities, to enjoy nature and outdoor camps and practice community gardening.

These institutional initiatives extend to the business sector, which shows a tendency to reserve spaces in the constructions of new commercial complexes to green areas and gardens.

The use of natural vegetation, however, has severe limitations, such as the restricted use of water and the need to maintain it throughout the year, with the environmental and economic costs that this means.

Hence the alternative of synthetic grass, a substitute product that does not demand irrigation during the dry seasons, nor should it be trimmed, weeded or fertilized during rainy seasons. It also remains unchanged for years and years, no matter the extreme weather conditions.

Quality grass in San Jose

At Better than Real Artificial Grass we specialize in the distribution and installation of synthetic grass for businesses and commercial buildings. We only supply grass manufactured in the United States, with the highest standards of quality and safety.

A green area in a commercial building or a decoration within a business, with artificial grass, give a touch of elegance and give to the properties a significant added value.

We invite you to inquire in detail about our services and products. We offer products with warranty and at the best prices. We’re at your service.

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