Artificial grass landscaping in San Jose, California

The transformation of a geographical urban or rural land, land or concrete patio, into a cozy landscape, makes a contribution to the beauty of the place and contributes to protect the environment.

The benefit of creating a beautiful landscape is even greater when the work is assigned to a specialized team with wide experience in the use of synthetic alternatives that imitate and surpass, in some aspects, the products of nature.

In creating a landscape environment, there are elements that must be met, both to protect the environment and to ensure that the new scenario is to remain unchanged over the years.

While it is true that in natural landscaping it is essential to work around factors that should be unalterable, such as existing rivers, streams, hills and trees, landscaping with artificial grass can be basically limited to human creation, such as buildings, roads, bridges, sports spaces, etc.

An artistically elaborated artificial landscape is a guarantee of beauty and sustainability; is an equal or more elegant work of art than can be achieved with natural grass. But it also offers a long list of features that allow the owner to save time and money, and adds security for users.

Artificial grass: Practical and amazing

In creating a landscape environment, much has to do with the imagination of the artist, in coordination with the owner of the property, but then the possibilities of using it are endless: a removable pool, chairs, hammocks, sculptures that will help to enjoy it in a more pleasant way.

Part of the advantages of using synthetic grass is that it does not need the laborious and permanent maintenance required by the natural grass, in addition:

  • It doesn’t need irrigation during dry seasons to stay green.
  • No need to be cut or fertilized during rainy seasons.
  • Drains rainwater significantly faster than natural grass, which avoids puddles of water.
  • It doesn’t admit insect pests or incubates bacteria that can be harmful to humans.
  • The synthetic grass is highly resistant.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass, we are experts in the development of landscape environments, with synthetic grass, in San Jose, California. We get the synthetic grass directly from the factories, in order to guarantee our customers the highest quality at competitive prices.

We have showrooms in San Rafael and Santa Clara, and we are in the best position to take our products to all regions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We invite you to take a look at our website. Our products have a guarantee of up to ten years.

Contact us now, using the phone numbers or emails available on our site. We love turning empty spaces into beautiful landscapes!

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