Artificial grass for indoor use in Santa Clara, California

The rain, the snow or the sun are no longer an impediment to play, meet, do business, entertain and have fun in the pleasant and motivating environment.

To achieve this, instead of going outdoors, the place is moved inside the house, the shop, the restaurant, the shopping center or the office where the outdoors environment is adapted with artificial grass. Environments of perfection are achieved, unique and comfortable, according to every taste and every need.

Artificial grass, a beautiful product, durable, economical and so versatile, that allow decorators and landscapers to do what the imagination gives them:

  • Vertical decoration: Its installation in one or all the walls of a room, generates a surprising transformation. It is recommended for children’s rooms, because it gives them an attractive and natural touch.
  • Decorative elements: Artificial turf adapts to all types of decorative elements: covers for chairs and sofas, carpets in rooms and lounges, bathroom rugs and the nature-inspired design you prefer, to incorporate anywhere in your home.
  • Geometric figures: Pictures, carpets … an almost infinite list of options, which come to give the house, office or lounge a style and natural, simple and tasteful.
  • Rest Areas: It allows you to create areas where you can escape from the routine. Artificial grass can be used as a carpet, as a living room center or in interior areas, to rest, to share with family and friends.
  • Surfaces for relaxation: Spaces created in rooms, terraces and interior patios, ideal for meditation.
  • Spaces for entertainment: Artificial grass is an element frequently used in leisure rooms, where there are game machines, billiards, ping-pong tables.
  • Green areas in business: The possibilities, innumerable, are valid for restaurants, shops, supermarkets, schools, all oriented to create environments that generate pleasurable, positive feelings which contribute to improve the love for life.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we specialize in the distribution and installation of indoor artificial grass in Santa Clara, California. We have a warehouse and exhibition booth in Santa Clara, but you can see our products in our website.

Ask us for a quotation, and remember that we give you a guarantee for ten years.

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