San Francisco artificial grass & synthetic grass

San Francisco artificial grass & synthetic grass

Those who have replaced natural grass with the artificial grass in their residences, coincide in highlighting the wonderful experience that means to enjoy a radical change in the playgrounds and recreation areas of their homes.

No more mud on the floor, carried by children and pets; refreshing green areas, rather than gray sidewalks; gardens in areas of the property that seemed sterile. It is a remarkable transformation, which carries a long list of benefits.

It is proven that artificial grass has a number of advantages, in relation to natural grass. Professionally installed, it is a product that will remain in excellent condition for over ten years.

Minimal maintenance

It is more than a decade in which the residents of the house, or the owners of a business building, will be able to ignore the burdensome and tedious maintenance work, because the artificial grass doesn’t need to be cut, weeded or fertilized. It must not be irrigated during the dry months.

Artificial grass is an ideal product for a city as beautiful as San Francisco, CA and a huge advantage for its inhabitants because, with proper drainage and proper installation, it does not keep moisture or allow the reproduction of bacteria, insects or rodents.

The synthetic grass is manufactured in different presentations and with different characteristics, to fit the needs and the tastes of the people. It is perfect for patios, gardens, corridors, sports areas, terraces, interiors, exteriors, among others.

Synthetic grass with guarantee

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we ensure, as a complement and quality assurance, that the synthetic grass is manufactured in the United States. We are a company with extensive experience in the distribution and installation of artificial grass in San Francisco.

Our distribution service allows us to take our product to the cities of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Jose, Los Gatos and beyond.

We invite you to take a tour of our website, so that you can get a better idea of everything that can be done with artificial grass and ask about quality and prices. We will present you a quotation, without any commitment.

We invite you to contact us through our website, through our telephone numbers or by coming personally to our showrooms. We have a great distribution service. We will be happy to assist you!