The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Small Spaces

Most people believe that a “dream home” in California requires a huge backyard. While big outdoor space is rarely unwelcome, a smaller space can be more beneficial for some. Having a small space is not only convenient, but also aesthetic and beautiful if designed correctly.

Why Is Installing Artificial Grass a Good Choice in California?

California’s sunny, dry weather is one reason it’s a popular place to live and visit. Unfortunately, its “perfect” weather is also a drawback for the residents who own property with a lot of green areas.

Sometimes it feels like California’s rainy days are so few and far between that they can be counted on your fingers! Los Gatos has less than 100, while downtown Los Angeles has less than 50 rainy days annually. It’s not uncommon to experience months without rain, especially in the middle of the year.

The lack of rain makes it tough to maintain a natural grass backyard, especially when the backyard is enormous. Fortunately, there are two ways to solve that problem: 1) get a smaller space 2) use artificial grass.

Ideas for Using Artificial Grass in Small Spaces

There are several ways you can utilize artificial grass in your small spaces.

Have you considered creating a miniature golf course or putting green? Not only will you have increased opportunities to improve your golf game, you’ll also have an outdoor area that can keep the whole family entertained.

Another option for using artificial grass in a small space is to create a mini-playground. An outdoor mini-playground not only gives your kids room to unleash their imagination, but it also helps you contain their creative “mess” within one designated area and not all over the house. You get a neat and clean living room, and the kids get a place to express themselves without having to pick up their toys at the end of every day.

If you would like to focus on your small space’s aesthetic qualities, you can use pavers, such as square limestones, to create a more organized and artful backyard. The green areas created by the artificial grass blend in beautifully with the color of the limestone.

Purchasing and Installing Artificial Grass for Your Small Space

The key to a successful outcome when using artificial grass in your small spaces is to select the right type of grass for your specific project and area. Does your small space need sturdy and stiff grass or soft and plush grass? What color should the fibers be? What kind of drainage system do you need? How much filling is necessary for what you want to achieve?

If you want to purchase and install artificial grass in California, we have the perfect solution for you. Better Than Real Grass sells and installs artificial grass in and around the Los Gatos, California, area as well as other areas in the state. Contact us to learn more about synthetic grass products that will look fantastic on your small California property and make it into your perfect dream house! Call us now or request a price quote here!

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