New playgrounds for children at school: the best synthetic grass

It’s challenging to maintain a natural grass playground that not only has an impeccable appearance but is also safe for those who occupy it. When the playground is at your child’s school, safety and comfort take on a different meaning. That’s why schools need to consider the best option for their fun-loving students.

When kids go outside to play during school recess periods, they often get dirty, even in good weather. They reenter the facilities and track dirt, grass, and mud with them into the school’s classrooms and hallways.

What happens if it rains?

Say hello to school chaos when children can´t go out to play until the outdoor areas are dry. Depending on the climate, it can take many hours or even days to fully dry. Better Than Real Grass has synthetic grass for kindergartens that’s ideal for inclement weather.

Our artificial grass for schools is anti-shock and soft to the touch; perfect for children of all ages to play on. It´s the ideal solution for schools who wish to modify an existing outdoor space, such as a concrete patio or a neglected garden, into a fun and safe place where children can play.

Synthetic grass boasts several features that make it the ideal playground flooring.

  • It cushions children’s falls
  • It’s hygienic and washable with plain water
  • Children can play freely without fear of getting grass stains or dirt on their clothes
  • It’s non-toxic

What are the benefits of BTRG’s high-quality synthetic grass?

  • It’s strong and can withstand the constant foot traffic of children at play.
  • It can support the weight of swings, bicycles, and other play equipment without breaking.
  • Synthetic grass can cover as many square meters as you want.

Grass that measures 20 mm is recommended for school playgrounds. Better Than Real Grass sells this type of grass!

Why choose synthetic grass for kindergartens?

  1. It´s green 365 days a year and looks so natural that children will think they’re playing on real grass.
  2. It´s shockproof, hygienic, and non-slip, making it a safe space for children’s recreation.
  3. Children can play without getting dirty, even a few minutes after the rain stops.
  4. When children fall, the cushioning provides additional safety and helps prevent serious and painful injuries.
  5. Keeps away unwanted insects that can sting kids while they’re playing
  6. Children are less likely to slip when it’s wet compared to natural grass.
  7. It´s fresh-looking and pleasing to the eye.

Synthetic grass is rapidly replacing natural grass in school playgrounds. Here’s why:

Safe foundation. Most playground injuries result from falls to the hard ground. BTRG’s synthetic grass created for playgrounds is made of soft, high-quality polyethylene. This blend produces a protected surface that’s safer than natural grass, sand, or wood flooring.

Maintenance-free. Artificial grass for playgrounds is created with durability in mind, which means the area will withstand heat, environmental contamination, and wear-tear damage caused by children’s play.

Visually appealing and soft to the touch. Artificial grass in playgrounds is visually appealing. Our synthetic grass feels and looks like natural grass.

Don’t wait another day; call Better Than Real Grass and get all your questions answered.

Not only are we installers, distributors, and suppliers of the best artificial grass in California, we can also help you come up with the perfect design for your school’s play areas. Contact us now to discuss your project!

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