Where to find artificial grass distributors in Santa Helena, California?

St. Helena, known as “The Main Street of Napa Valley,” is a popular wine town that boasts a record number of stores, art galleries, and cute cafes. Wineries and plantations with the world’s finest grapes and great tasting rooms along with quaint and cozy places make St. Helena a dream place to live.

What better way to beautify your California dream home than with a premium quality artificial lawn? That’s where you can count on us, your friends at Better Than Real Grass.

Here’s why artificial grass is your best choice:

It saves time and money. With artificial grass, you significantly reduce the maintenance required to keep your yard looking great. It doesn’t need to be watered, mowed, or fertilized. That means considerable savings on water and other resources you’d have to purchase to keep natural grass in good condition, and the time invested is almost non-existent.

It can be installed on any surface. Artificial grass can be installed on soil, concrete, cement, or tile. It’s also increasingly common to see it installed on walls or for decorating all kinds of other surfaces that are not on the ground.

It looks perfect all year round. High-quality artificial grass looks realistic, and it’s barely distinguishable from natural grass at first glance. Many models also have a soft feel, an essential feature to consider if you have children. And the green color is guaranteed for years!

It has excellent drainage capacity. Artificial grass is resistant to all kinds of weather, including harsh rain, sun, snow, or frost. It also has fantastic drainage capacity, so if you didn’t have any flooding before installing artificial turf, you shouldn’t have any flooding afterward either. In fact, high-quality artificial grass drains between 50 and 60 liters per square meter every minute!

It´s a clean and hygienic product. Artificial grass doesn´t cause any health problems, irritations, or allergic reactions. Unlike natural grass, the surface of synthetic grass doesn´t accumulate bacteria, mites, insects, or worms.

It’s suitable for pets. Artificial grass is compatible with all types of pets. The acidity of their urine and feces doesn’t cause any damage, and if your pet does have an accident, it´s quick and easy to clean up.

It’s recommended for children. Artificial grass is suitable for children. It’s a great option for backyards, playgrounds, kindergartens, schools, leisure areas, and any other place where kids play.

It’s easy to install. Artificial grass is easy to install, but that doesn’t mean you should try it yourself! It’s always recommended to hire a professional installation company who can ensure your project turns out perfectly.

Why not enjoy the color and feel of soft artificial grass on the soles of your feet without worrying about maintenance? Whether you’re looking to liven up your backyard space or set up a playground, there’s a synthetic grass texture that’s perfect for your needs.

Where can you find artificial grass in Santa Helen? Better Than Real Grass has premium quality artificial grass and professional installers who can handle your project, and we work side-by-side with you.

Contact us today, and remember, we’re conveniently located all over California.

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