Installing Artificial Grass on Your Roof

Installing Artificial Grass on Your Roof

Have you ever wished your flat concrete roof could be put to better use? Most people assume that bringing green to their rooftops is something only big companies or expensive condominiums can afford. While that might have been true years ago, it’s not the case anymore. Better Than Real Grass can make your dreams of having rooftop grass a reality, and we can do it quicker and cheaper than you ever imagined.

Artificial grass breathes new life into an otherwise boring asphalt or concrete roof. Think how much more enjoyable the roof will be when it’s green, the color of nature. Artificial roof grass is the perfect solution because aside from being beautiful and functional, it´s also resistant to wear and tear caused by different weather conditions

Differences between rooftops with artificial turf and rooftops with natural grass

  • Artificial grass doesn’t weigh as much as natural grass. Natural grass requires fertile soil to thrive and grow. The weight of the soil, the water used to keep it fresh, and the grass itself can be so heavy that it causes a burden on the construction.
  • Artificial grass rooftops require virtually no maintenance. Synthetic grass looks like natural grass but has none of the disadvantages associated with maintaining it. You’ll never have to worry about mowing, and the grass will retain its original, green appearance for many years.
  • Artificial grass rooftops can be used for many purposes and holds up under frequent foot traffic. Synthetic grass rooftops can be designed in different shades of green, as well as different textures and thicknesses. Whether you’re using your rooftop as a garden, patio, or playground, artificial grass will always keep its original, green look.

High-quality artificial turf can transform an ordinary and unused roof into a welcoming and functional space. It’s an excellent investment and offers social, aesthetic, and economic benefits.

Synthetic turf is also good for the environment because, unlike natural grass, it never needs to be watered. In addition, you can adapt fake grass to many types of projects. It can be installed on any surface, and with proper care, can last for more than 15 years.

Maximize your roof space with Better Than Real Grass synthetic grass. We’ll transform your outdoor areas into beautiful landscapes at a low cost. Don’t hesitate to call us; our team of experts is standing by to answer all your questions.