Synthetic grass installation

The artificial grass has been gaining a lot of adepts in our country nowadays, this is for the many benefits that it provides, but also for the impressive change that might cause in a landscape. The lush and clean-cut appearance of the synthetic grass will have a great beautifying effect in any location, regardless of the conditions of the area where the grass is installed. In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we are aware that sometimes is desired to add a little bit of beauty to a landscape, which can be accomplished by installing our high-quality artificial grass in any location.

The synthetic turf is a grass that provides a lot of advantages to homeowners and business, there are no limits for the use of it, it can be installed in almost every location, and avoids most of the  inconvenient that are common with the maintenance of the natural grass. The synthetic grass is used across the USA to add a touch of beauty and nature in locations where is impossible the installation of regular grass, but also to save some money. The synthetic grass is used profusely around office buildings and in commercial landscape to provide to employees and customer with a  comfortable environment.  The same can be said for residential use, where the artificial grass lawns are areas to be enjoyed all year round with very little maintenance. Besides, the artificial turf can be installed in  locations like schools, sport fields, rooftops, hospital, gyms, churches, showrooms, playgrounds and a lot more.

Benefits of the artificial grass

Synthetic-grass-installation(2)The fake grass  we offer is a product that is made to avoid most of the hard work and expenses that are common with the maintenance of the natural grass, but also as a help for the environment because we use materials that do not harm the environment. These are some of the advantages of synthetic grass:

  • Low maintenance: The artificial grass requires almost no maintenance. Using a plastic rake or blower every two weeks is the most regular work needed. No mowing or trimming.
  • Requires no water: Synthetic grass does not require water because it does not grow and the best part is that there is no need of cutting or trimming.
  • Resistance: Artificial grass has a long life expectancy and handles the massive transit of the people.
  • Security: It is great for kids and dogs, so they won’t get hurt when they play or fall on the ground
  • Weather resistance: The fake grass is not affected by the exposing to the sun and the rain, or cold and hot weather.
  • Installing: The artificial grass can be installed in every location, regardless if it is a dry or a moist area
  • Cost effective investment: The artificial grass lawn is paid by itself, because of the savings in maintenance.

In Better than Real Gras we provide a product of the highest quality, with non-contaminant materials that are safe for the environment and people. Besides, we count with a very qualified team that will install the fake grass in every location that you ask in the most proper way, so you do not have to complain about them.

Remember that if you desire artificial grass, we are the best choice, if you have any question or need an estimate, please contact us. We work in the north of California, in the Bay Area, in counties like Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Monterrey, Napa and more.

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