Synthetic grass gardens: before and after

Synthetic grass gardens: before and after

The synthetic grass has an instant effect in every location, regardless of the place it is installed. You’ll realize immediately that there is an obvious change in the area where the artificial grass has been installed. As we know, the synthetic grass provides obvious advantages in comparison with the natural grass. Besides  your garden will look nice and clean most of the time, because the maintenance is very easy to do.

So, if you have an ugly grass with a lot of puddles all over the area, a wide quantity of long grass to cut, full of weeds, and not forgetting to mention all the plagues that can live in it all over your yard, is it not better to change that? Is it not the time for an improvement? Surely,  it will be better to have an area that when you see it you think “it looks great!”. Better Than Real Artificial Grass provides that and more.  When we install  the synthetic grass you’ll realize that your garden has been transformed  into a sanctuary because of its beauty and aesthetic. You  and  visitors will admire a striking lawn, where you can have a relaxing time talking in a good environment,  and also  providing a safe area for the playing of the children and activity of pets.

When a person is walking to a business meeting or a job interview, and watch a great building, this might be intimidating, but if you add a pleasant landscape surrounded by fantastic artificial grass lawns, this might provoke that the person increases his trust in the place because of the astonishing beauty of the area. The same is with church buildings, a church surrounded by artificial grass lawns would look beautiful and would add a peaceful atmosphere to the area.

If you would like to cause an instant impact in a location, and you think that is not possible to make it look great, think again, because in Better Than Real Artificial Grass we know how to produce amazing  changes in any landscape. If you want to add more beauty in malls, office buildings, apartment complexes, schools, hospitals, and more, we are the right choice for it.

We count with a very qualified team, with many years of experience in the installation of artificial grass. We will treat you in the most professional way, we will install the grass wherever you ask for, and we will make you see the astonishing difference between “before and after”.

Remember that we provide our services in the north of California, in the Bay Area, in counties like Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Napa, Sonoma and more, remember that you can contact us to ask about our service and to ask for an estimate.