Artificial grass for corporate campuses

comerciThe corporate campuses are one of the most important locations that exist at the present. Outside of San Francisco, the trend is to have one building or a group of buildings with large areas of parking space and gardens. Within this particular kind of buildings, a huge quantity of employees and visitors walk back and fort. The transit is massive and therefore the outdoors status of the corporate campuses tends to get messy and dirty.  Switching to artificial grass turn the lawns in areas that are able to handle the heavy traffic; additionally, the maintenance is inexpensive and  very easy to do. The artificial grass could be used in indoors garden areas, because it doesn’t need sunlight. The artificial grass for  corporate campuses promote wellness, make the location attractive and walkable.  Better Than Real Artificial Grass provides the opportunity to install artificial grass in corporate campuses on the most efficient and easiest way.

Some of the benefits that provide the artificial grass to the corporate buildings

The artificial grass for corporate campuses that we offer in Better Than Real Artificial Grass is of the highest quality, and provides a lot of advantages to corporations:

  • Easy cleaning: Our artificial turf is very easy to clean in every place where it is installed. This is no different for the corporate campuses.
  • Improvement of the appearance: By installing the synthetic turf, the look of the corporate building will look better when adding the perfect lawn to any location of the facility. Artificial grass is an important element of any high-performing design.
  • Indoors green environment: Our artificial grass, by its green color, will provide an environment similar to the outside, just like being in a yard, this will improve the employees’ work.
  • Easy installation: Our grass can be installed in every location of a corporate building, indoors or outdoors, besides, it is very resistant to the transit of people.
  • Improvement in the businesses: Green areas promote wellness. New employees will be attracted for the amenities that corporate campuses offer, beautiful lawn areas is one of them.
  • Eco-friendly landscapes: Artificial grass lawns means care of the environment by helping the water conservancy; stopping insecticides and fertilizers from going to groundwater, rivers and lakes; and avoiding the noise and fumes from mowers and trimmers.

These are a few of the advantages of the artificial grass in corporate campuses. We are a company with many years of experience in the field of artificial grass installation. We count with experienced crews. Keep in mind, we offer our services in the whole Bay Area, in counties like Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara. Don’t hesitate to contact us, our email and our contact phones are available.

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