Artificial Grass Playground County of Santa Clara

Artificial Grass Playground County of Santa Clara

We invented a theorem and we can prove it: “The safety and happiness of the children who play in playgrounds has an equal impact on the well-being of the parents and those in charge of the maintenance of school classrooms”.

Perhaps the previous sentence is not enough for us to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Economics or Medicine, but it makes a lot of sense when children enjoy big time without filling those around them with overwork.

Importance of the use of synthetic grass at playgrounds

The use of artificial grass in playgrounds minimizes the risk of injury due to falls, cuts and frictions; allergies, itching and discomfort caused by the components of natural grass or by the tiny animals or bacteria that often multiply in natural environments.

In addition, artificial grass helps custodians, since they do not have to bend their backs when cleaning up the mud that little ones usually have in their shoes after recess, nor will mums have to deal with washing mud and removing stains from uniforms.

Moreover, the advantages of synthetic grass over natural grass are well known: it is not necessary to water it during the dry season; it does not have to be mowed or trimmed; it drains water quickly and demands minimal maintenance to look flawless and healthy.

Artificial Grass Distributor in Santa Clara

However, the best thing is to have a supplier and installer of synthetic grass that is recognized and experienced, since it is necessary to know that the product to be used is free of elements that could be harmful to the health of children.

In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we are professionals in the supply and installation of artificial grass for playgrounds. Our characteristic is that we supply ourselves with grasses manufactured in the United States, with the highest standards of quality and safety.

We invite you to inquire in detail about our services and products by visiting us personally in our showrooms of San Rafael, CA, and Santa Clara, CA. Or you can also take a tour of our website.

We offer our artificial grass sale and installation services for playgrounds in Santa Clara, CA,  and throughout the Greater California Bay area including the cities of San Jose, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco , Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, Redwood City and Palo Alto. We’re at your service!