Front Yard and Backyard in San Mateo

Your lawns can look gorgeous, with Better than real artificial grass handling the job for you, believe me, what you have in mind is not gorgeous enough. We have a specialty in delivering super-awesome results.

You can have your lawns look as good as we made the front yard and backyard in San Mateo. This is a project we carried out in 2013; that is a rock-solid 7 years ago and it looks just as good as it looked when we worked on it. At the rate that we give you this great work for, you would have either spent over twice as much money paying lawn mowers to mow your rapidly growing real grass, or spent over 5 years being mad at an inexperienced artificial grass landscaper for doing a terrible job.

The front yard and back yard we worked on in San Mateo is located just between San Francisco and San Jose in the region of Silicon Valley, in the Bay Area, California. How big is your lawn? Do you have it on both the front and backyard of your home? The San Mateo work we did was approximately 2,500 sqft of land (that is when you combine both the front and back), and we made the job look really beautiful. We recently took a picture of it and it looks just ask gorgeous as we were sure it would look when we installed our turf.

What we give you

We value you, we want you to refer us for our amazing job, so we make sure we give you our best to ensure that you are duly satisfied. Here are some of the things we offer:

  1. High-quality artificial grass: with our artificial grass which is 100% made in America we assure you of an installation that will last well over 20. In order for you to get long term satisfaction and worth for your money, we have decided to use the best of the best American artificial grass which comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in workmanship.
Front Yard and Backyard in San Mateo
  1. Experienced installers: our team is highly trained, committed, and dedicated to giving you the best job, a good experience working, and no delays. If we say 8 am is our starting time, we start exactly then and finish up as quickly as possible, giving you a perfect job.
  2. Good rates: we give you all this goodness and long-lasting artificial grass installation for an amount that doesn’t leave your purse empty. We charge you per worker doing the job for you and how long it takes to get the job done but don’t worry, the job would be done as quickly as possible.

Contact us if you need an improvement in both the look of your lawn and also an improvement in your lifestyle. We offer our services to clients both inside and out of California, you bring quality to you. Aside from getting your lawns done, we also specialize in other amazing services like:


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