What is the best artificial grass for residential use?

Most people assume synthetic grass is only appropriate for commercial purposes, such as in schools, professional sports fields, offices, hospitals, churches, etc. Home owners often don’t realize they can also install and benefit from artificial grass.

It’s helpful to learn about all the areas where synthetic grass can be placed in and around your home so you can understand which options are best for you. Get ready to be surprised!

Artificial Grass Lawns in Your Backyard

The first place most people think of installing artificial grass is the backyard garden. No question about it: it’s a quick solution for improving your backyard landscape, and it requires zero maintenance. Synthetic grass is a wise and practical investment that’s very attractive to the eye.

Artificial Grass Playgrounds

If you have little kids at home, artificial grass is your best option and offers multiple benefits:

  • Soft surfaces cushion their falls.
  • Rainwater drains immediately, avoiding unsightly, muddy puddles.
  • Harmful and stinging bugs stay away.
  • Pesticides and herbicides are never needed.
  • Surfaces are easy to keep clean and free of harmful bacteria.

Artificial Grass Dog Run Installations

Do you have pets? To maintain their physical and emotional health, make sure they have outdoor space where they can run and play.

  • Synthetic grass is non-toxic to pets.
  • Furry friends won’t get dirty or dig holes.
  • The surface of the grass stays cool for their paws, even in the summer.
  • All the benefits to children listed above apply to your four-legged kids too!

Artificial Grass Putting Green Installation

Imagine opening the back door of your house and having a putting green just a few feet away. If you like this idea, we can make it come true; in a short time, you’ll be practicing your golf game and enjoying yourself every sunny day of the year!

Artificial Grass Around Swimming Pools

You might find this interesting if you have a swimming pool: Did you know the most recommended surface around swimming pools is synthetic grass? It’s safe to walk on with wet feet. There are no limits to improving the appearance of your pool area. Some homeowners decide to install artificial grass from their driveway to their recreational areas to give their property an impeccable feeling of freshness.

Artificial Grass for Sports Areas

If you have a large residential property with sporting areas such as tennis courts, or soccer or baseball fields, artificial grass is your best option. Your athletic performance will benefit from practicing on a uniform, safe surface that always maintains an optimal ideal look and feel.

Residential options for synthetic grass are just a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to contact Better Than Real Grass; our team of professionals is here to serve you.

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