Safe, durable and eco-friendly playgrounds

The physical environment of school playgrounds is a key element of the overall health and safety of students and teachers. For K-12 schools is specially important to choose ground coverings that are safe for the health of the students, providing areas that do not represent an inconvenient and cause no worries to teachers and parents. The playground areas are subject to great use, and the schools boards will like to have areas that are durable and easy to maintain. In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we are aware of this situation, so we offer the opportunity to install artificial grass in school grounds. The synthetic grass is a great option for safe, durable and eco-friendly playgrounds.

Our artificial grass for schools is made with non-toxic elements,  that represent  no harm to the children, allowing them to spend their time in a safe location that  doesn’t harm the environment and helps to the water conservancy in the state. The synthetic grass can be installed in a very fast way in almost every location.

Outdoor Classroom


We recommend it especially for the kindergarten areas due to the time that the kids spend on the ground, or also for the elementary school, due to the constant running of the kids at those times. The artificial grass adds elegance and class to the playing areas. Our artificial grasses have several advantages over the natural: it has easy maintenance requirements; it can handle heavy traffic; it is really easy to clean; it doesn’t get dirty fast; it always remain green; it doesn’t need mowing or trimming; requires no irrigation.

Professional Company

We are a very professional company and we always look for the sake of our clients. We can assure that our product will look great during the 365 days of the year. We offer our services in the Northern California, mainly in the Greater Bay Area, including the counties of Monterrey, San Benito, y Santa Cruz.

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  • Infused with Microban® technology.
  • Reduces pet urine odor.
  • Won't compact over time.


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