Artificial Grass Training Areas


The grass is essential, in many different locations, because helps to present a beautiful environment. The grass is especially essential in everything related to sports, and everything related to training, because it provides a soft and safe surface. However, the natural grass requires heavy maintenance and it cannot stand the continuous use. A perfect solution to keep the nice setting, reduce the maintenance bill, and have a surface able to be used many hours per day, is to switch to a heavy duty artificial grass surface. Better Than Real Artificial Grass is one the best places in the Bay Area where you can ask the details for Artificial Grass for Training Areas.




In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we are aware of all the complications that require a training area, or to say it with other words, the maintenance of it; training areas, outdoors or indoors,  are constantly used by the people to practice specific activities, like: training for competitive sports; practicing ball hitting or kicking; practicing movements or positions;  or perform drills to develop or keep  strenght, agility and speed. The most common activity that is practiced by the people in the training areas are definitely the competitive sports, because most of the sports are performed in natural or artificial grass fields, therefore is is important to have surfaces or fields in good condition all year round. The Artificial Grass for Training Areas is a cost efective investment for a sturdy surface that is easy to maintain and able to withstand one training session after another.

The need of turf areas for professional athletes and amateurs, to be used daily, and that demand very little maintenance is the reason why Better Than Real Artificial Grass offer its artificial grass for Training Areas; our fake grass is very useful in training areas because of its resistance, which guarantees a long life expectancy. As we said before, the artificial grass is very resistant and can stand  easily the constant transit of the people that is very common on training areas.

Another of the advantages that provide the artificial grass for training areas is the low maintenance required. It doesn’t need to be mowed or trimmed. Additionally, our grass does not require water and is made completely of materials that do not harm the environment, and as it does not grow is not necessary the use of fertilizers. The artifcial grass is resistant to the changes of the weather, this means that works on the best way regardless if the environment is cold or hot.


In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we count with some of the most experienced workers in installing synthetic grass, and we do not subcontract the installation like other companies do. We serve the Greater Bay Area, in North California, in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and more.



  • Infused with Microban® technology.
  • Reduces pet urine odor.
  • Won't compact over time.


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