Like The Natural Grass

Commercial Installations

A lawn is one of the favorite ways to make a landscape look more beautiful, providing a natural look. But, as everybody know, not every place is suited for a natural lawn. Natural sod needs the right soil, sunlight, weather, and many gallons of water to grow healthy; besides, it is really difficult to keep a natural lawn in optimal conditions, because of the many cares needed, the time that it takes to maintain or the bald spots caused for the heavy traffic. This is where the artificial grass come to play, since it can be installed in places where there is a scarcity of water, sunlight, or where the weather is hard. Unlike the natural grass, the artificial turf can be installed almost in any location and does not need many requirements to be installed or maintained, just select a location and that’s it.

Better Than Real Artificial Grass has been helping many landscape designers and property managers to build commercial landscapes which are practical, beautiful, eco-friendly and easy to maintain. Better Than Real Artificial Grass is specialized in installing synthetic grass in commercial areas, in places that can have heavy foot traffic.

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation

Good Range Of Possibilities!

The commercial areas cover a good range of possibilities, and very different places, like: rooftops, this is commonly used as entertainment areas in apartment buildings; artificial grass on display areas, like car dealers; artificial grass on lawn areas for shopping centers and malls; artificial grass on sport courts, this covers putting greens, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields or other sports; artificial grass for schools, that is commonly used in playgrounds.

We could add many more uses of artificial grass for commercial application like hospitals, churches, gyms, museums, restaurants and hotels.

We also do installation in residential properties, where we install synthetic turf in front, side or back yards, pool areas, playgrounds, balconies, decks and roof tops. The residential application has a wide range of possibilities, but it is as simple as in commercial areas.

High Performance

In Better That Real Artificial Grass, we offer high quality artificial grasses. Helping the water conservancy and the low maintenance cost are just some of the many benefits that keep the artificial grass as one of the most popular elements in commercial landscaping.



  • Infused with Microban® technology.
  • Reduces pet urine odor.
  • Won't compact over time.


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