Synthetic grass commercial application in Oakland

Synthetic grass commercial application in Oakland

Oakland is a neighborhood city of San Francisco, California, exemplary for the space it devotes to community areas, among which we can mention 134 municipal parks and zoned public land as green areas.

Only the City of Oakland Parks and Recreation Department has 1200 acres of open space and more than 640 acres of developed parks, public land and plazas.

So much appreciation for the public spaces obeys to local policies oriented to develop a wide variety of activities for people of all the ages, that includes cultural and sports programs, to enjoy the nature, to enjoy outdoor camps and to practice the communitarian gardening.

Commercial application of synthetic grass

In the business and commercial sector, the maintenance of green areas and gardens has a high price, more when it comes to natural grass.

On the contrary, the use of artificial grass introduces a significant evolution to the development of green areas and gardens, due to the various favorable characteristics. It is a product that saves water and, once installed, does not demand excessive maintenance costs. It is a product that does not allow the development of pests or moisture that incurs bacteria or bad odors.

Artificial turf is a product increasingly used in the landscaping of residential and commercial buildings, where it becomes an additional attraction for customers.

Artificial grass as a good alternative

Artificial turf is an excellent complement to the parks and recreational programs that are being developed in Oakland, as it is well known that a green area, with artificial grass installed properly, is also a space that enhances the safety of pets and children.

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