The synthetic grass and the harmony with environment

The natural lawns are beautiful when they are lush and green, but having the possibility of enjoying them involves frequent expensive bills since its maintenance demands irrigation during the dry seasons, and constant mowing and trimming.

For environmentally conscious people especially in regions suffering from recurrent droughts, using thousands of gallons of water each year to keep the grass green is becoming something increasingly worrisome.

These drawbacks are leading many residents of the San Francisco Bay Area to make a turn towards eco-friendly solutions like synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass: An environmental friendly alternative

The synthetic grass is an emerging industrial product that has been displacing the use of natural grass thanks to a series of characteristics that make it a solution that contributes to maintain residential and commercial areas in harmony with the environment.

In addition to minimizing maintenance costs and promoting the use of water for other more essential human activities, the synthetic grass brings a series of immediate benefits, such as the transformation of gray-looking areas into eye-catching landscape spaces; It transforms spaces so that children and pets can play, unaware of allergies and the insects that live on natural lawns, in addition to keeping them away from mud, characteristic of humid natural areas.

Installation of Synthetic grass with a warranty for many years

A properly installed synthetic grass will maintain its factory characteristics over the years. It is an ideal complement for spaces in San Francisco, CA, where using water consciously is important.

The use of synthetic grass increases as the need for humans to create spaces more harmonious with the environment grows. Hence the possibility of finding on the market synthetic grass made for every need: materials, sizes, textures and color variations for the grass to harmonize with backyards, gardens, corridors, sports fields and terraces, regardless if they are indoor or outdoor.

Better Than Real Artificial Grass is a grass installation and distribution company that works with grass manufactured exclusively in the United States in order to provide the highest quality. All our products are backed by a ten-year warranty.

Our company has extensive experience in the distribution and installation of synthetic grass and has the necessary staff and equipment to provide our products and services in the cities of Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, Napa, San Francisco, Sonoma, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
We invite you to visit our website to learn about the variety and quality of our products, and to take a look of many of our synthetic grass installations.

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