The benefits of the artificial grass

Artificial Grass Gardens Installations


After you know of the benefits of artificial grass, you will have enough information to decide about your next landscape project: Is artificial grass a good option?

  1. One of the benefits of  artificial grass is low maintenance.
  • The artificial grass doesn’t require irrigation and trimming.
  • The artificial grass doesn’t require soil aeration.
  • Use of fertilizers and insecticides is not necessary.
  • The installers of artificial grass regularly cap off the sprinkler system, so this avoid the need of maintenance of the sprinkler system.
  1. The artificial grass is low maintenance. We need to clarify that is wrong to say that there is cero maintenance on artificial grass. The artificial grass requires some basic maintenance: the occasional grooming; a quick rinse to dust off the grass every 3 weeks or so; using a blower or rake to clean out any debris, and thus avoid the build up for dust, pollen and broken leaves which settle on the grass; controlling weeds through spraying weed killer as needed; add infill material as needed.
  2. The financial benefits of using artificial grass. Although the cost of installing artificial grass is higher than the cost of installing sod, it cost quite less to maintain. The savings on maintenance pay for the installation of artificial grass, in most cases, in a span of 3 to 6 years.
  3. The practical side of having artificial grass. One of the benefits of artificial grass is that is better for practical reasons:
  • The synthetic grass is easier to maintain. This will leave more money in your pocket, or more time in your hands.
  • The artificial grass could be unattended for longer periods than sod. To take long vacations won’t be problem.
  • The synthetic turf stands up to heavy use and heavy traffic. It will be an excellent option for homes with children, pets, or for families that host social gathering.
  • The artificial grass is the best option for the difficult areas, like places with not enough sunlight, elevated areas, narrow strips, side of pools, roof tops, balconies, indoor areas, and display areas.
  1. The beautiful look is other of the benefits of the artificial grass. It is great to have lawns that always look well trimmed, green all year round, and with a perfect look, without bald areas. The artificial grass is the perfect background to enhance nearby buildings or structures.
  2. The artificial grass is eco-friendly.Because the artificial grass doesn’t require irrigation, it helps to the water conservancy.
  • No air pollution for fumes from trimmers and mowers. Consequently, it avoids noise pollution.
  • The artificial grass is durable, it last up to 25 years, which ensures that the resources used in making the artificial grass are significantly less than the resources used in maintenance of natural grass.

7. People by the word-of-mouth say that the artificial grass is a good option. The artificial grass industry is growing steadily in the last decades. It is frequent that homeowners are switching to artificial grass for the favorable comments coming from friends and family. The property managers have also the numbers to prove the convenience of switching to artificial grass lawns.

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