Artificial Grass for Kids: How Safe Is It?

Artificial Grass for Kids: How Safe Is It?

Children tend to get into everything in their growing years. From attic to basement, they explore every nook and cranny of the house. And outside is no exception!

As parents, it’s your duty to create safe-spaces and areas for them to explore, and this includes outside areas. For families seeking a safe space for their kids to play, artificial grass is the perfect solution.

1. Toxic-free playground

Artificial grass is safe for children and pets because there’s no need to worry about toxins such as pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals. It’s a perk that makes artificial grass ideal for areas like California that must be constantly sprayed due to hot weather. So, don’t be surprised if you see plenty of synthetic grass installed in San Mateo, California!

2. Allergy-free

Another benefit of artificial grass is that it’s hypoallergenic; the materials used are free of all organic plant matter. Synthetic turf also contains no flowers or flowering weeds, so there’s no pollen, which can also cause allergies. No question about it — you’ll enjoy your spring and summer free of hay fever symptoms when you have an artificial grass lawn. (Especially if you get your neighbors to install synthetic turf also so their pollen won’t blow onto your property!)

3. No dirt, no mess!

Mud and grass stains are the enemy of many homeowners because they create additional household work. Both are difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of and can permanently damage your children’s clothing.

Fortunately, artificial grass owners will not encounter these problems. Synthetic grass does not stain, and when installed correctly, there’s no opportunity for water or mud to pool up.

Even when dirt is carried by the wind or shoes onto your artificial lawn, it’s not a big hassle to clean it up. Just a little spray of water and within minutes the grass is clean. Voila!


Artificial grass can be the perfect way to create a safer space for your children. Contact us for a consultation about the best synthetic grass options for your kids. If you are looking for artificial grass for sale in San Mateo, California, don’t wait any longer! Call us now or go to our website for a price quote!