Is Artificial Turf Good Around Pools?  Seven Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf Around Your Pool

Is Artificial Turf Good Around Pools? Seven Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf Around Your Pool

The best thing about having a pool is, well…having a pool! But what’s even better than having a pool? How about having a pool surrounded by green, lush grass? While it’s true that natural grass is beautiful, it involves expensive, routine, and laborious maintenance.

Why not consider installing artificial grass around your swimming pool? Maintenance is minimal, and you’ll be able to enjoy the same beauty and ambiance that natural grass offers without the hassles, headaches, and high costs. Get more time in the pool instead of mowing and cleaning the grass around it!

Here are seven benefits of installing synthetic grass around your pool.

  1. Easy maintenance and savings. Artificial turf is much easier to clean than natural grass, and its maintenance is minimal. Swimming pools usually give rise to unwanted residues that often end up on the surrounding lawn. Synthetic grass offers much more manageable and effective maintenance, and the savings are a great advantage. Water consumption will be lower since artificial lawns don’t need to be watered daily the way natural lawns do.
  2. Say “goodbye” to most insects. Installing artificial grass around your pool ensures fewer insects compared to natural grass. The absence of annoying bugs and pests means you can more comfortably enjoy swimming in your pool and sunbathing in its surrounding areas.
  3. Better aesthetics. If you’re looking for uniform and dependable aesthetics, artificial grass is for you. The consistent appearance of green, healthy grass around your pool will make it a more enticing recreational area.
  4. More comfortable. Placing synthetic grass around your pool allows you to avoid hot surfaces during the summer months; you’ll be able to get out of your pool without burning your feet.
  5. Less maintenance. No more long days cleaning up and maintaining your pool area. Artificial grass doesn´t require mowing or daily watering.
  6. It´s not affected by chlorine or chemical pool products. Our specialized synthetic grass products are durable and stand up against exposure to harsh pool chemicals.
  7. An important feature that makes our artificial turf for swimming pools stand out from others is its safety. Thanks to modern synthetic grass technology, the risks of slipping on wet pool floors have been significantly reduced. In addition, our artificial grass products are certified fire-resistant, so you can enjoy your summer barbecues without the risk of your grass going up in flames!

The benefits of artificial grass around swimming pools compared to natural grass are clear: it´s more economical, durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain.

At Better than Real Grass we offer the best artificial grass for swimming pools in California. Because we work in direct partnership with the manufacturer, we offer several high-quality models explicitly designed for use around swimming pools. Our grass remains in good condition all year round and is resistant to residue buildup and damage from the sun’s intense rays.

Better than Real Grass works with reputable swimming pool companies in many parts of California, such as Hilsborough, San Jose, and San Francisco. If you own a pool or are in the pool business, don’t hesitate to call us. We’d love to show you our extensive catalog of artificial grass solutions for your home or commercial pool.