Playing Games is Better on Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass in the city of Richmond, California, on playgrounds, parks, or other areas where children congregate is a great idea. Here are some reasons why:


70% of playground, kindergarten, or backyard injuries result from falls to the ground. Children often scrape or hit themselves on rigid surfaces, such as wood and concrete, but accidents can also happen on natural grass. If natural grass is not kept in optimal condition, kids can fall on a surface as hard as solid ground.

However, fake lawn for a place like Richmond, California, is made of soft polyethylene, creating a shockproof surface that cushions and protects children better than natural grass or any other surface. Synthetic grass is the best option to upgrade a dangerous or neglected play area into an attractive and safe place where kids can have fun.

Zero maintenance

Natural grass in recreational areas such as children’s playgrounds requires constant maintenance and upkeep. Laying new grass, applying fertilizers, using pesticides to avoid undesirable insects, watering and mowing, and hiring a permanent gardening staff are just some of the responsibilities you’ll contend with.

Installing artificial grass in playgrounds is a perfect solution because it’s durable and resistant. It can handle constant heavy foot traffic, games, and different shoe soles, and it will always look as good as it did the first day. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or cold or if liquids or food are spilled on it; it´s easy to clean and never needs to be watered.

But children aren’t the only people who like to play games! Synthetic turf also offers many benefits for adults. For example, if you’ve ever dreamed of having your own space to practice golf at home, consider installing a putting green in Richmond, California, using the best synthetic grass on the market. Better Than Real Grass.

What happens if it rains?

The game is over when you have natural grass, even after the rain has stopped. Puddles, mud, and slippery grass create chaos and danger for children and adult players. You’ll have to wait for the grass to dry, or you can lay synthetic grass and be back to your game within minutes.

Thanks to its efficient drainage system and the nature of the surface underneath synthetic grass, you can keep on playing even while it’s raining (or immediately after the rain ends). It’s hygienic, doesn’t become muddy, and it continues to safely support any structure or playground equipment, no matter how much it rains and how wet the surface is.

Artificial grass is a versatile product for a wide range of needs and applications, especially when it comes to playtime and games.

Why wait to upgrade your yard with the best synthetic grass on the market? If you’re looking for an artificial grass contractor in Richmond, California, contact Better Than Real Grass, and we’ll gladly give you the advice you need. Don’t waste another minute!

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