How much water can be saved by installing synthetic grass?

How much water can be saved by installing synthetic grass?

In today’s world, there’s a constant struggle to discover new techniques and implement innovative procedures to save natural resources and take better care of the planet. Natural lawns represent a great expense for families and companies because they constantly need to be watered during summers and dry seasons, especially to keep them looking green and healthy. These costs can be reduced and avoided by replacing natural grass with artificial grass.

The cost of irrigating a natural grass garden, in terms of liters and dollars, depends on different variables such as:

  • local weather
  • soil type
  • Property size
  • consumption habits (how often you water the garden)
  • consumption methods (what equipment you use to water the grass)
  • water rates

How much water does natural grass consume?

According to experts, in general terms, 6 liters per day per square meter is the standard measure of the amount of water a typical garden requires in a family home. The total cost will also depend on the size of the garden area and the type of irrigation system used. In other words, a significant budget is required to meet this monthly expense.

When faced with such scenarios, artificial grass becomes an excellent alternative because it saves water and money. In fact, it could save thousands of dollars a year, depending on the above factors.

Artificial grass does not require regular watering, it’s only necessary to rinse it once in a while to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Therefore, its low water consumption will reduce monthly bills and will also save dozens of liters of water each day.

Advantages for the planet when using artificial grass:

Artificial grass needs little to no water, providing a responsible option that protects the planet and offers efficient use of natural resources. In the same way, it requires no chemical products to keep it free of insects and weeds. Natural grass requires the use of pesticides and herbicides to eliminate insects, weeds, and other vermin, but with artificial grass, none of it will be necessary.

Not just water, you also save time

Many Better Than Real Grass clients tell us they opted for artificial grass to save time and money. If you’re a busy person and you want your home garden to look great all year round, go for artificial grass instead.

Contact Better Than Real Grass if you want to quote our services or have any questions. Remember, all our products use 100% recyclable materials.

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