Synthetic Lawn for Residences in San Jose

San Jose can’t escape the hardest situation that homeowners,  industries and farmers face in the state of California: a growing shortage of water which has been generating usage restrictions in recent years.

The problem directly affects San Jose, a city that has been experiencing a rapid growth in residential development since the 1950s. Hence, the authorities and the civil community have been working together in the development of the city.

Planning codes have been adopted for San Jose to have smart growth in a sustainable and dignified way. It is a beautiful, planned city, with residential areas extending around the city center, through incentives aimed at avoiding residential development in more remote areas, with higher costs in providing services.

In the past years, drought conditions have prompted authorities to take measures to reduce water consumption by 30 percent and a restriction of irrigation of gardens with drinking water, to no more than two days a week. Although, most of the restriction have been lifted, the history shows that the drought conditions will be frequent in this region.

Hence the importance of using industrial products that allow us to maintain a fresh environment, friendly to man and harmonious with nature, if we want to keep on having and improving the residential areas of San Jose.

One of the main alternatives to maintain the green areas comes from synthetic grass, a product that replaces and improves the characteristics of the natural grass, particularly in areas affected by severe weather restrictions, like San Jose with its  semi-arid climate.

In Better Than Real Artificial Grass we specialize in the supply and installation of synthetic lawn for residences in San Jose, CA. The synthetic lawn guarantees the permanence of green and attractive areas, without the inconvenience of having to water it with water that is needed for basic human activities.

Synthetic grass does not need irrigation, fertilization, periodic cuttings, sweeping of the waste material and trimming of the grass. There’re also no noises of mowing, puddles during the rainy seasons, allergies or the invasion of rodents and insects.

There’s nothing like enjoying the sight and benefits of synthetic grass installed in the gardens, the backyards of residences or play areas.

We have offices in San Rafael and Santa Clara, California, but we’re happy to provide our services in any sector of the Bay. Just contact us, through our website, via email or call us. We’re at your service!

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