Charles A.

Charles A.

Charles A.
Artificial Turf installed in backyard in San Francisco, California.
11 January, 2017

About 2 years ago we had Better Than Real (BTR) install Artificial Turf (AT) in our backyard because at the time, our HOA did not allow AT in front yards. Our property is very difficult to grow anything in because of the rocks and clay below the surface. Our back lawn was never healthy due to the drainage problems. After the lawn was completed it attracted all of your nieces and nephews because of the soft and comfortable feel to the AT. We installed their gopher guard and haven’t had any gopher problem in our lawn since.

I highly recommend BTS. Their workmanship is impeccable and their pricing is very reasonable. German and Jorge are great to work with.

That said, we have scheduled BTR to install AT in our front lawn on September 1. Once California passed a resolution stating that HOAs can no longer prevent homeowners from installing AT in front yards due to our extreme drought conditions. Our water saving for just our back yard has put us well below our water usage in 2013, the benchmark year for conservation. Now with the front yard due to change over, we will still maintain the beautiful appearance of a real grass lawn without the costly water usage and use of pesky fertilizers, pesticides, fungi and the constant trimming of natural grass. The look is better, the drainage is better and we are not putting dangerous chemicals into our water system.

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