Joseph P.

Joseph P.

Joseph P.
Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in a residential area in Santa Cruz, CA
11 January, 2017

Our house came with a side yard made of dirt. Needless to say, it was ugly and even worse when it rained as all the mud would splash onto the stucco walls, and our puppy would bring mud into the house.

I called BTRAG, and German came out a couple days later, and even though this was a small job, I feel like I was treated like any other important potential customer. He made some measurements and explained the options to me, and gave me a couple samples as well.

I called them back a few weeks later and they were able to schedule an install two weeks later. They sent out a four-man crew around 1pm and they were done before 5pm, and the results were amazing! They really transformed our ugly dirt side yard into a beautiful lush green space (see photo). The crew – who were very respectful – was meticulous in filling in every nook and cranny, and also made sure it was all graded in the proper direction for proper drainage. We really appreciate the attention to detail, and my wife and I – and our puppy – couldn’t be any happier.

I checked around and their prices are very competitive and if consider the value they add to your home, the return on this investment is at least 5x.

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