Misha S.

Misha S.

Misha S.
Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in San Jose, CA
11 January, 2017

We took so long to decide to get artificial grass. If i had only known it would go this smoothly after making the decision i would have done this so long ago. German came and gave us an estimate a year ago. He was so patient. The crew came this morning I had not watered the grass in 6 weeks. It looked rugged. At the end of the day our “grass” looks and feels amazing. They even moved a medium sized citrus tree to another location. I thought it was gonna be lost. We planted that citrus tree when we moved in with our daughter. These guys are special. The main reason for all this grass is we are getting a Service dog for our autistic son. This will give me more time with my family and the dogs wont ruin the grass. So all that said, I highly recommend Better Than Real Artificial Grass. Plus it looks and feels better than our friends grass done by a competitor. (sorry Greg)

Thank You.
We will definitely get our front lawn done soon

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