Dog Run Areas

Dogs are considered the most popular pets in America. Dogs are faithful companions in many homes.  It is difficult to find a more loyal and loving friend. Therefore make your yard space comfortable and ideal for your dog by installing artificial  synthetic grass turf. No more mud, no more yellow spots.  Just a clean soft durable play area for your dog. Our artificial synthetic grass for dogs is easy to clean, non-toxic, non-flammable and resistant to wear and tear.

Artificial synthetic grass provides a perfect solution for your lawn and dog run areas.

Our artificial synthetic grass is able to withstand the wear and tear of the paws and claws of the dogs.

Our artificial synthetic grass system is designed to drain fast so that any mess can be easily washed so that odors are mitigated and the grass remains dry. We recommend to upgrade the infill material to Envirofill for odor and bacteria growth control.

Replacing your natural lawn with artificial synthetic grass will eliminate the dirt and mud patches that inevitably occur  during wet and dry seasons, therefore, allowing your dog  to play outside without tracking mud into your house.

All our artificial grass products are pet friendly, safe, and provide a comfortable and durable area  for you pet to enjoy the outdoors.  Installations include a  ground preparation, which provides a firm and fast drainage base,  to ensure a long lasting safe and clean environment for you and your pets.



Installation of artificial grass dog run areas


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