Does new artificial grass look like the natural one?

Yes, because of advances in technology over the years, modern artificial grass can look almost exactly like the real thing.

The difference is that artificial turf requires less maintenance and water than real grass, making synthetic grass in San Mateo County, Napa, and the surrounding areas a great option.

How much water can be saved by installing synthetic grass?

Installing synthetic grass can save about 40 gallons of water per square foot per year. In California, the average yard size is 7,811 feet. This means that the average-sized artificial grass lawn in California saves over 300,000 gallons of water per year, making it an excellent way to conserve water. Of course, people with larger yards or sports fields can save even more water per year.

Artificial grass in California is a great option for conserving water, especially considering that the city is still experiencing a dry period.

What is the best child-friendly artificial grass?

The safest artificial grasses for children are the ones that are soft, easy to clean, and hypo-allergenic. Our artificial grasses are all these things. When it comes to playgrounds, we worry about children who may fall and get hurt. Most of these issues arise when a child falls on a hard surface, like concrete or certain mulches. However, our artificial grasses are the perfect materials for children to stay safe.

We sell artificial grass in California, and our products are sure to keep your child safe.

Do weeds grow through artificial grass?

Yes, although to a much smaller extent than on natural grass, weeds can also appear on artificial grass. However, it is much easier to control and eliminate as soon as they appear.

Does artificial grass get hot in the sun?

Indeed, it is true that with prolonged exposure to the sun or when temperatures are very high, grass, just like any other material, heats up. However, the technology of the materials and the manufacturing process of the artificial grass are made to minimize this effect considerably.

How long does synthetic grass last?

Artificial grass lasts approximately 15 to 20 years if a quality material has been chosen. Its useful life will also depend on the use that is given to it and the maintenance that is carried out.