Bocce Ball Courts

Synthetic grass Installation

The bocce ball is a game that was originated in Italy. The roots of the game go back to the Ancient Rome, and before that. The game is  widely played in Italia and is very popular in some  countries in Eastern Europe, especially in Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Italian migrants took the bocce ball game with them  to regions where they arrived, like North America, Australia and South America. It’s important for playing bocce ball to have a surface where the ball can roll evenly.  Better Than Real Artificial Grass provides the service of artificial grass bocce ball courts. The artificial grass ground covering provides an excellent surface to play bocce ball.

Bocce Ball Courts

Some advantages of artificial grass for bocce courts

In Better Than Real Grass we provide the best artificial grass for bocce ball courts, with high quality, durability, and strength.
The artificial turf is great for bocce ball courts for several aspects like:

Lawn always trimmed

It is not necessary the continuous maintenance of the court, because there is no need of mowing and trimming the grass regularly.

No Machinery

The synthetic turf avoids sending fertilizers and pesticides to the ground. The artificial grass helps to stop sending fumes and noise from mowers and trimmers.

Low maintenance

The bocce ball courts with a surface of artificial grass are low maintenance. The main maintenance activity is to use a blower to clean off leaves and dust.

Bocce Ball Courts

On any surface

It can be placed anywhere: All you need is a flat area. It won't be necessary sunlight, or a specific weather, or fertile soil to play bocce. Just place the artificial turf on the site you want, with the corresponding measures, and start playing and having fun.

Excellent drainage

Do not worry about the condition of the court: This means that no matter a rainy weather, the area will be in good conditions because of excellent drainage provided by the base built underneath the grass.

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  • Infused with Microban® technology.
  • Reduces pet urine odor.
  • Won't compact over time.


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