Hospitals With Artificial Grass


The grass is an essential decoration that adds class to any location and also transmits peace, security and comfort. There are places, like hospitals, that need some of that. A natural grass lawn cannot be added to any location due to the many requirements that it needs, but there is no need to worry because Better than Real Artificial Grass is now giving the opportunity to add a fantastic artificial grass lawn for hospitals.


Hospital with artificial turf
Artificial grass for hospitals

Artificial grass for hospitals is a fantastic way to give life to any of these fundamental buildings, and can be installed anywhere within it, like the garden areas surrounding buildings. Stunning lawns to beautify the outdoor areas, besides a good landscape decoration with plants and trees, manifests that the hospital cares about its image to the patients and the public. Another good place is the waiting area that is commonly a boring place, but with the grass would look full of life. Another good spot would be the lobby or recreational areas like inner gardens for the patients so they won’t get bored in the hospital. When doing a site visit, our knowledgeable estimators can help providing information about the best locations to install our beautiful artificial grasses.


Our grasses are made completely of non-toxic and hypoallergenic elements, and represent no danger, so the patients won’t have to worry about getting another disease or getting hurt, besides it is really easy to clean, therefore requires very low maintenance. The artificial grass has the sturdiness for a long life, so it will remain green and beautiful for a long time.

Our services are provided in Northern California, mainly in the Greater Bay Area, including the counties of Monterrey, San Benito, y Santa Cruz.

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  • Infused with Microban® technology.
  • Reduces pet urine odor.
  • Won't compact over time.


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