SYNTHETIC Grass in Sports Areas


A healthy and well trimmed grass in a sports field is essential for the good performance of any sport that requires being played on grass. When the grass is not growing in the right way, or is in bad condition, can affect any team, regardless of the sport that is desired to play. The artificial grass can stand the heavy use and doesn’t need recovery time like the natural grass. There are practical and monetary reasons that are convincing many owners of sport areas to switch to artificial grass. A professional artificial grass installer, like Better Than Real Artificial Grass, will provide the most effective grass for this kind of application, allowing that the sport is performed in the right way and helping the players to excel on their performance.

Artificial grass for sports areas is becoming very popular, because it provides some benefits that the natural doesn’t. The most important benefits are: the fake turf doesn’t require mowing or trimming; no watering; it doesn’t require enough sunlight; it can be used every day, several hours per day; it doesn’t have bald spots; the grass doesn’t get loose; it is non-toxic and do not harm the environment and the players; the artificial grass also holds the pass of time and remains green and beautiful despite the constant use; this kind of grass also is very recommendable for the children so they won’t get hurt.

Putting green with a large chipping area
Santa Rosa Basketball Court


Better Than Real Artificial Grass provides a professional service installing artificial grass for sports areas, with high quality grasses and experienced crews. We offer our services in Northern California, mainly in the Greater Bay Area, including the counties of Monterrey, San Benito y Santa Cruz.

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  • Infused with Microban® technology.
  • Reduces pet urine odor.
  • Won't compact over time.


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