Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Better Than Real Artificial Grass. We can say a lot of good things about our work, but we believe it’s better to hear it from someone that is not related to the company as an employee, but as a satisfied customer. They are very proud owners of synthetic artificial grass turf & sod installations at their homes. We have also done installations in Berkeley, Novato, Oakland, Petaluma, Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose and many more locations in California.

Our Customer Said:

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Jaime B.

We've had our BTG lawn for about a year now and it is fantastic. It has held up well to 2 small boys; a dog and various wildlife (Deer, coyotes) that frequent our lawn. Jorge and his team are extremely responsive; they completed the work on schedule and did not leave a mess behind. It is wonderful in the winter since the boys can play on the lawn in the rain with no mud!!

Jaime B. Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in Sausalito, CA 11 January, 2017

Better Than Real Artificial Grass Testimonials

Matthew W.

Jorge came out on a Wednesday to our place in San Francisco. Jorge and his crew started on Friday. We have had a ton of contractors do work on our houses over the years, and they were top notch. Always on time, highly communicative, very professional when they showed up (all in uniforms). As they worked throughout the day, they were efficient and fast and did all of the little stuff right. Offered to throw away extra trash, cleaned the yard outside of the area they were workingon, and when they were finished made sure everything was spick and span. HIGHLY recommended from a self-proclaimed pain in the butt customer.
Thanks Better Than Real Artificial Grass

Matthew W. Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in San Francisco, CA 11 January, 2017

Better Than Real Artificial Grass Testimonials

Misha S.

We took so long to decide to get artificial grass. If i had only known it would go this smoothly after making the decision i would have done this so long ago. German came and gave us an estimate a year ago. He was so patient. The crew came this morning I had not watered the grass in 6 weeks. It looked rugged. At the end of the day our "grass" looks and feels amazing. They even moved a medium sized citrus tree to another location. I thought it was gonna be lost. We planted that citrus tree when we moved in with our daughter. These guys are special. The main reason for all this grass is we are getting a Service dog for our autistic son. This will give me more time with my family and the dogs wont ruin the grass. So all that said, I highly recommend Better Than Real Artificial Grass. Plus it looks and feels better than our friends grass done by a competitor. (sorry Greg)

Thank You.
We will definitely get our front lawn done soon

Misha S. Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in San Jose, CA 11 January, 2017

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Bernie N.

BTRAG installed artificial grass for both my front and back yards. A fairly big job, 1700+ sq/ft.

All the people I dealt with were reliable, responsive, 'on top of things' and delivered everything they promised on time and per the our agreement. No hidden fees, no surprises...legitimate all the way through.

The crew that did the installation (5 guys for 3 days) did an excellent job. Showed up on time, worked very hard, knew what they were doing and did a great job cleaning up.

All in all my experience with BTRAG was positive and would recommend their services.

Bernie N. Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in Cupertino, CA 11 January, 2017

Better Than Real Artificial Grass Testimonials

Joseph P.

Our house came with a side yard made of dirt. Needless to say, it was ugly and even worse when it rained as all the mud would splash onto the stucco walls, and our puppy would bring mud into the house.

I called BTRAG, and German came out a couple days later, and even though this was a small job, I feel like I was treated like any other important potential customer. He made some measurements and explained the options to me, and gave me a couple samples as well.

I called them back a few weeks later and they were able to schedule an install two weeks later. They sent out a four-man crew around 1pm and they were done before 5pm, and the results were amazing! They really transformed our ugly dirt side yard into a beautiful lush green space (see photo). The crew - who were very respectful - was meticulous in filling in every nook and cranny, and also made sure it was all graded in the proper direction for proper drainage. We really appreciate the attention to detail, and my wife and I - and our puppy - couldn't be any happier.

I checked around and their prices are very competitive and if consider the value they add to your home, the return on this investment is at least 5x.

Joseph P. Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in a residential area in Santa Cruz, CA 11 January, 2017

Better Than Real Artificial Grass Testimonials

Tom A.

I hired Better Than Real to replace 485 square feet of lawn in my backyard with a putting green. It took them just one day from start to finish. It was amazing to watch my yard transformed. The putting green turned out beautiful. It makes my backyard look fantastic. I would hire them again for sure.

Tom A. Putting green installed in San Jose, CA, USA 11 January, 2017

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Sandi C.

Very pleased with the results of Better Than Real installation. The process was handled professionally, the installers were pleasant, and thoroughly cleaned up when installation was complete. The side yard that once was a uneven mess of dying crabgrass is now a clean green "lawn".

Sandi C. Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in a residential area in Santa Clara, CA 11 January, 2017

Artificial Grass installed in Northridge

Joe S.

I had a very good experience working with German and Jorge on my backyard. As you can see from the before-and-after pictures, my yard was transformed from an eyesore to an aesthetically-pleasing highlight of my house. The whole process went very smoothly. I got an instant quote from German, and stopped by his shop in Santa Clara to get samples and ask questions. Jorge came the next morning to do measurements and give an official estimate. They were both professional and easy to work with.

I shopped around and their prices are competitive. When I hesitated about which grass to go with, they even gave me a couple addresses to drive by.

A few days later, their crew of 4 came and worked tirelessly over 2 days to dig up the yard, remove the irrigation, flatten it with bedrock, and install the grass. They were very nice and easy to work with as well.

It's been a couple weeks now since the install. My kids love the grass. Now that Spring is here, we're playing on it daily in the evenings. And they used to never go out to the backyard! I've also gotten many compliments from neighbors. It's both functional and fashionable. And I'm very pleased with my experience working with BTRAG.

Joe S. Artificial Grass installed in Northridge, CA. 11 January, 2017

Better Than Real Artificial Grass Testimonials

Charles A.

About 2 years ago we had Better Than Real (BTR) install Artificial Turf (AT) in our backyard because at the time, our HOA did not allow AT in front yards. Our property is very difficult to grow anything in because of the rocks and clay below the surface. Our back lawn was never healthy due to the drainage problems. After the lawn was completed it attracted all of your nieces and nephews because of the soft and comfortable feel to the AT. We installed their gopher guard and haven't had any gopher problem in our lawn since.

I highly recommend BTS. Their workmanship is impeccable and their pricing is very reasonable. German and Jorge are great to work with.

That said, we have scheduled BTR to install AT in our front lawn on September 1. Once California passed a resolution stating that HOAs can no longer prevent homeowners from installing AT in front yards due to our extreme drought conditions. Our water saving for just our back yard has put us well below our water usage in 2013, the benchmark year for conservation. Now with the front yard due to change over, we will still maintain the beautiful appearance of a real grass lawn without the costly water usage and use of pesky fertilizers, pesticides, fungi and the constant trimming of natural grass. The look is better, the drainage is better and we are not putting dangerous chemicals into our water system.

Charles A. Artificial Turf installed in backyard in San Francisco, California. 11 January, 2017

Bergen James

Bergen James

The yard looks fantastic with artificial synthetic grass installed. The whole process was quick and easy. The installation crew from Better Than Real Artificial Grass was very professional & made the yard beautiful. I am so happy I made the decision to change to artificial synthetic grass.

Bergen James Artificial Synthetic Grass installed in a commercial area in San Francisco, California. 10 May, 2016

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