The Best Artificial Grass Putting Green for Leisure Golfers

Golf’s simplicity often belies the incredible skill and acuity required to truly excel when playing it. The pros practice, and practice, and practice some more! But even if you aren’t a pro golfer with multiple sponsors, golfing can be a great way to relax and let off steam — especially after a long, busy work week.

But not everyone has the time or energy to go to the local golf course, driving range, or putting green on the weekends. Luckily, there’s a perfect alternative: installing an artificial grass putting green at home.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are countless advantages to installing an artificial grass putting green in your backyard. First and foremost, the grass never grows or ages, requiring less maintenance than real grass. Plus, artificial grass can be laid level and is consistent in texture, something that amateur and pro golfers rely on. Finally, having a robust and reliable putting surface at home can be invaluable to improving your gameplay.

Different Types of Putting Greens

There are different recreational and professional turf putting greens; the one you select will depend on your lifestyle, usage intentions, and budget.

Generally speaking, golf hobbyists who mainly play for fun on the weekend can stick with a recreational putting green. However, those for whom golf is a love and a passion and who live and breathe the sport, will more than likely opt for a professional putting green. Of course, there are pros and cons to each type.


Recreational putting greens are easier and simpler to maintain than professional putting greens. There’s no need for regular maintenance because the turf fibers, aka “blades,” are textured. A professional putting green requires more care and extensive rolling before it can be considered complete. And since professional players usually play more often than leisure players, their putting greens will experience more wear and tear and will likely require more consistent maintenance as a result.

“Stimping” and “Chipping” Rates

Recreational and professional putting greens have some logistical differences as well. The stimping and chipping rates vary, and you’ll have to choose based on your needs.

Essentially, the stimp rate is how fast the ball travels across the green, and a chip shot spends less time in the air and more time on the ground. Both the stimp rate and the chipping distance are significantly higher on professional putting greens.

Pricing Differences

Finally, it’s time to talk about pricing. On average, professional putting greens cost anywhere from 20-50% more than those made exclusively for leisure. For these reasons and more, recreational putting greens are the best choice for leisure players.

Even though the decision to install a putting green in your home can seem daunting, the Better Than Real Grass team can help you make sense of all the details. If you’re interested in installing a putting green or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out — we’d love to hear from you!

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