Installation of synthetic grass around swimming pools in Silicon Valley, CA

A pool is synonymous with pleasure and distinction, but these are delights that are noticeably improved when they are bordered by green areas and gardens that embellish the environment, increase the  safety of users and contribute to maintaining a healthy environment. But, there are some problems when having natural grass, for example:

  • A fall on concrete can give an annoying turn to the fun times that were programmed.
  • Due to the chemicals used to sanitize it, splashing pool water affects the natural grass, causing unsightly patches.
  • Often, due to excessive water and wear, dirt builds up on the lawn, soils the feet and contaminates pool water.
  • As if by magic, a good part of the natural grass that is trimmed will fall into the pool, forcing you to change the water, to keep it clean and to avoid blocking the ducts.

Instead, artificial grass is full of advantages: it embellishes the environment, dampens an eventual fall, drains the water quite faster than natural grass, and, as you know, it is not necessary to be trimming it or fertilizing it in the winter, nor watering it during the dry seasons.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we take care of the installation of synthetic grass around swimming pools in Silicon Valley, CA. We specialize in the distribution and installation of artificial grass for residential, commercial and institutional applications.

Artificial grasses with guaranteed qualities

We contribute to improve swimming pool areas by means of the installation of artificial grasses with guaranteed qualities, of American manufacture. Artificial grass:

  • It is not damaged by chlorinated water that splashes.
  • It does not support puddles or mud puddles.
  • Cushion any falls.
  • Does not need to be cut.
  • The cost of maintenance is minimal.

We buy our products directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to offer our entire line of high quality artificial grass products at competitive prices. We are located in the North Bay Area and South Bay Area of California and we have warehouses in San Rafael and Santa Clara, CA.

If you are planning to install synthetic turf around pools in Silicon Valley, CA, we invite you to contact us. On our website you will find the location of our offices, our e-mail addresses and our telephone numbers. We’re at your service!

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