Why choose artificial grass?

Artificial grass presents a number of characteristics that make it better than other options, but one of its main advantages is that it can be used at all times, regardless of weather conditions, for years.

Why choose artificial grass?

  • Because it is an industrial product that adapts to all types of terrain and beautifies gardens, patios, roofs, and parks, as if it were natural grass.
  • Because it doesn’t need to be watered, nor should it be mowed, trimmed, or fertilized.
  • Does not soak the water or make bacteria appear.
  • In addition, it is a product that, duly installed, changes the landscape immediately, without having to wait a long time as the natural grass,  to grow.

Better price, better quality on artificial grass

Artificial grass is a product for all tastes and needs, with different wefts, weights, thicknesses, colors, prices and qualities. The synthetic grass is a product that meets the same objective as the natural one, but demands minimal maintenance and has environmentally friendly features.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass, with a long history in the supply and installation of artificial turf, we opted for the highest quality products, manufactured in the United States.

We enjoy the prestige, in the Greater Area of ​​the Bay of San Francisco, CA, and its surroundings from a responsible quality service, by which we offer favorable prices to the consumers.

We have shops where you can visit us, but if you want to visit our website, we will answer all your questions and we will gladly offer you a free quote for your project.

Our services are spread across several regions of California. It will be a pleasure to help you.

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