Artificial grass supply in Los Gatos, CA

Los Gatos is a beautiful community of Santa Clara County, California, that combines features of a splendid past that manifests itself in its elegant Victorian architecture buildings, and the expectation for the future expressed in the evolution of high technology.

Headquarters of companies such as Netflix, Buongiorno, Academy of Digital Media, Cryptic Studios, ImageShack, Roku, Smashwords and Akyumen are in Los Gatos. Los Gatos is part of Silicon Valley, and is ranked as the 33rd richest city in the United States.

This sector of California is populated by mountain lions and lynxes which gave the name to the city  “Los Gatos”. This is a community that has made significant contributions to the US economy.

It was an important city for the wood industry, on the mountains of Santa Cruz; and then a prosperous agricultural town, around which large plantations of apricots, grapes and plums developed.

Los Gatos is past and is future. In the center of the city,  many of its Victorian houses have been preserved and restored. In addition to being a city with a facet of memories, and another that symbolizes modernity, it has a suburban community, with beautiful residential areas that show the success of its inhabitants.

Los Gatos is in a privileged area with abundant rainfall, more than most of California. But while the weather conditions are favorable to the maintenance of green areas during the rainy season, the dry season demands special care that carries unnecessary expenses and use of scarce resources, such as water.

Installation of synthetic grass in Los Gatos

An increasingly used resource to maintain in great shape  green areas in homes, business buildings and sports fields, is artificial grass, which as we know, is a product that surpasses in many aspects the natural grass.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we are suppliers of artificial grass in Los Gatos, CA. We distribute and install a product that doesn’t need to be watered during the dry seasons, nor does it have to be fertilized and trimmed during the rainy season.

A green area, with properly installed artificial grass is a space that enhances the safety of pets and children. In addition, it does not support the growth of undesirable  pests, or moisture that serves as an incubator to harmful bacteria.

Better than natural grass

In our company we like to offer solutions to those who choose artificial turf for residential landscapes, commercial buildings, religious or educational complexes, as well as sports courts.

You can visit us at our branches or you can contact us, we can provide our services if your project is to create green areas or gardens in Los Gatos or another region of California.

We can give you a quote without cost or commitment. We will be happy to assist you!

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