Artificial grass installation service for landscaping and gardens

Want to transform your yard into an oasis of beautiful scenery and comfort, even as you enjoy the pleasurable sight of a green lawn? Well, there many ways to achieve it.

However, 99.99% of these options will almost certainly cost you a significant amount of your budget.  In addition to that, it will require regular maintenance, for as you long have it in your yard.

Since we care about your satisfaction and happiness at Better Than Real Artificial Grass, we have brought you the cost-effective option – the 0.01% – that is better than all other options, that add up to the 99.99%, combined. That is the artificial grass installation services.

Why Artificial Grass Installation Services?

In many ways, synthetic artificial grass garden has proved itself to be the best installation choice for homeowners who fancy a beautiful ever-green garden in their yard. With synthetic artificial grass turf installed in your space, you won’t need to water your grass, mow it, or fertilize the soil to boost nutrients.  Which makes artificial grass turf the best landscaping and gardening choice for your yard.

Synthetic artificial grass turf is tough, looks manicured always, and will retain its natural green color come rain come sunshine.

On the other hand, not all artificial grass turf deserves a space in your yard, as there are many variations in the prices and quality of the synthetic material used for the production of the artificial grass. So, who can you trust to provide top of the line artificial grass installation services for your landscaping and gardening projects?

Better Than Real Artificial Grass is your premium artificial synthetic grass installer for landscaping and gardens

With an artificial grass area, we can help you transform your garden into an oasis of comfort. Artificial lawn is an ideal place for children to play and have fun, it can also serve as the soft area in your home, where you and your pets unwind. At the same time, artificial grass turf will add green to your yard all year long.

Here at Better Than Real Artificial Grass, we use our vast experience and know-how to provide long-lasting, artificial turf that will make your home appealing and create a beautiful green backdrop in your yard.

It doesn’t matter what kind of flooring you have installed in your home; we can put the artificial grass turf on wood, earth, or any other substance that you have installed on your floor.

Our project manager will work closely with you to ensure that the installation services is stress-free for you and your family, regardless of whether you are installing artificial grass alone or as a part of a bigger project.  Our artificial grass installation services cover a wide range of sizes, and we offer 100% satisfaction on all our synthetic grass installation services.

Here at Better Than Real Artificial Grass, we make it our priority to use the highest quality artificial grass for all our installations. Hence, our long list of achievement in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and San Jose, California. We get to ensure that they are tested, vetted, and proved before installing them on your property.

Our love for our customers and the desire to help our customers maximize their budget even as they transform their yards with high-grade synthetic grass installation, has motivated us to buy our materials directly from the manufacturers. As a result, we offer artificial grass installation services for landscaping and gardens at competitive prices that you won’t find anywhere else, for the quality that we offer.

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