Five Reasons Why Artificial Grass is Safe for Children

Whether at school, a public park, or your own home, the best play surface for your children is synthetic grass. Traditional beliefs held that natural grass was the best option for children’s play, but many of today’s families are urban dwellers living in apartments with no outdoor space. Since they don’t have their own backyard, they’re looking for the next best option for their children, which usually means public parks and local playgrounds. Here are Better Than Real Grass’ five reasons why synthetic grass is an excellent choice for children’s play areas:

1.- It’s shockproof, hygienic, and non-slip. Children need to run, slide and jump when they play, but that’s not possible when a hard ground surface prevents them from doing so. Synthetic grass offers kids all the conditions they need to enjoy their playtime while keeping you from worrying about their safety.

Synthetic grass is rapidly replacing natural grass in playgrounds. According to recent statistics, 60% of playground injuries result from falls to the ground. Synthetic grass created for playgrounds is made of soft, forgiving polyethylene. This blend produces a protected surface that tends to be safer than natural grass, sand, and wood flooring. Its cushioning capacity provides additional security against dangerous falls and potentially serious injuries.

2.- It´s clean. Unlike natural grass, where the fun is over because of mud and puddles, children can play on synthetic grass without getting dirty even a few minutes after the rain. Artificial turf allows them to quickly return to their adventures thanks to its excellent drainage system.

3.- Prevents unwanted critters. Since synthetic grass is made with inorganic fibers, it doesn´t attract insects and other creepy crawlies, so parents don’t need to worry about their little ones getting bitten up or stung. Better Than Real Grass uses Envirofill 16/30 Green for its artificial lawns and playgrounds, a green-colored infill with Microban technology that sheds water and protects against microbes and bacteria.

4.- Green 365 days a year. Artificial grass looks so natural that children will think they’re playing on real grass. It´s fresh in appearance and pleasing to the eye, fostering a healthy environment both physically and emotionally.

5.- It requires little maintenance. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn´t need constant care, such as mowing or applying pesticides or fertilizers, which are harmful to your children’s health.

A look at the situation in playgrounds

The dangers of children tripping and falling on concrete are obvious: scrapes, cuts, bruises, sprains, and broken bones. You can prevent kids from getting hurt by providing play areas or playgrounds specially designed for children with updated and functioning safety and prevention systems. Synthetic grass, which is often accompanied by an underlayer of rubber shock-absorbing flooring, is an essential component of what you should be looking for as you design your play areas.

Why wait to change your play area from natural grass to synthetic grass? Contact Better Than Real Grass to learn more about our fake grass installation services for playgrounds in California. We’ll be glad to give you all the advice you need!

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