Looking For an Artificial Grass Contractor in San Jose, California? We Are Here To Serve!

Artificial grass is becoming more of a permanent fixture in San Jose, California. These turfs offer you a great aesthetic feature, they are low maintenance; they do not require irrigation or tending such as applying of fertilizers and even mowing, they are perfectly green all year round and can withstand heavy use, which is much more than can be said for natural grass.

These reasons are most likely why you are in search of a reputable and skilled artificial grass contractor in California.

Well, there is fantastic news for you. At Better Than Real Artificial Grass we are right here in San Jose, California to serve you.

We specialize in giving you the best and most appropriate artificial grass turf for your budget. Our job covers both commercial and residential services as well as installation services.

For commercial services, we have a wide range of turfs available for installation for different areas: we offer great turfs for sports areas such as golf courses, tennis courts, and even bocce ball courts. 

We also have turfs that we recommend for areas like training areas, school areas, church areas, and even hospital areas. Aesthetically pleasing turfs are for display areas, apartment complexes, an even rooftop are also available as a part of our services.

When it comes to residential services, we give you fantastic offers for areas to playgrounds, and even pool area turfs. We also offer wonderful garden turfs, for decks and patios, include putting green and even installation of dog runs.

We offer a wide range of installation services for an every of artificial grass needs.

As a synthetic grass contractor in San Jose, California, we offer a wide range of installation services for an every of artificial grass needs.

We also bring you high-quality products, are all made in the United States of America and all come with an amazing 10-year warranty.

At Better Than Real Artificial Grass, our customer service is top-notch and always ready to serve you. We are ready to answer any questions that you have and our level of transparency is such that every single detail is all clearly laid out and easy for you to understand.


Our service is efficient, fast and highly reliable.

If you have decided to take the big step and make that artificial grass investment in San Jose California, then let Better Than Real Artificial Grass be at your every beck and call.

Why not take a look at our testimonials and call us today and get an estimate!

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