4 Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in Green Areas

Grass is an integral part of suburban home living. After all, nothing beats the appearance of a beautiful green lawn; it cheers up the eyes! Real grass can be a hassle, though, since maintenance is time-consuming and tedious.

Thankfully, artificial grass can solve your grass problem. Here are four reasons to install artificial grass in your home or business’s green areas, especially if you live in or around California.

1. Hassle-Free Beauty

Although natural grass is nice to have, it takes lots of energy to care for it. Most people don’t have the time to do these tasks, especially if they’re busy with their jobs and other responsibilities. If you have real grass, you’ll have to:

  • Trim or mow the grass regularly
  • Spray the grass with pesticides to prevent bugs and fungus
  • Maintain the shape of the grass regularly
  • Water the grass regularly
  • Make sure the grass receives enough sunlight
  • And much more…

This is where artificial grass comes into play. If you have artificial grass, you’ll have to:

  • Regularly clean the grass once every few weeks
  • That’s it!

If you want lush scenery and a beautiful green area without any headaches, artificial turf is the solution for you. We sell artificial grass in the San Francisco, California, area.

2. No Excessive Spending

Caring for real grass costs a lot of money. Lawnmowers, trimming equipment, pesticides, grass seed, labor; the expenses never seem to stop.

If you use synthetic grass, however, you’ll avoid all these purchases. Sure, there are some things you’ll need to buy, but nowhere near what you’d need to spend to grow organic grass. Once synthetic grass is purchased and installed, you won’t have to keep on paying for lawn care. Just a few cleaning supplies, and you’re done!

3. Kid and Pet-Friendly

Another benefit of artificial grass is that it’s child and pet-friendly. Artificial grass is pesticide-free, so there are no toxins or other chemicals to harm your pets or kids. So, if you need a safe place for your kids and pets to play, synthetic grass in California is the right solution for you.

4. Lasts a “Lifetime”

Artificial grass provides a solution that lasts a “lifetime.” (We put the “lifetime” in quotation marks because even though it can’t last forever, it will certainly last longer than organic grass.) It will be many years before you need to replace your synthetic grass.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Green Areas

Fake grass offers many more benefits than organic grass, from safety to hassle-free maintenance. Contact Better Than Real Artificial Grass to choose the most suitable artificial grass for your home or commercial green space.

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